A Night with Hossan Leong

Friday, September 07, 2012

Hubs bought surprise tickets to catch the Hossan Leong show with me & my mum on Opening Night. We went for a quick dinner opposite Drama Center.
Ying Thai is a sophisticated Thai fine-dining restaurant and their food never falls short. Service is rather prompt and came on time so we were not late for the show although we were rushing alittle through dinner lol.
I love the fried stuffed chicken wings coz its really soooo good! Hot and crispy on the outside, with soft minced meat on the inside.
Their tom yum is clear with a good amount of seafood in each individual bowl.
Wore my blue Peranakan kebaya top and jeans that night :)
Loving my kasut manek (beaded shoes) from my Malacca trip last year ..  its sooo comfy! I have a small collecttion of Nonya clothes and I really should started wearing it out more!
New post coming right up next!
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