A RacyShop Evening with Pancakes and Sesame Paste

Thursday, September 27, 2012

On Fridays the hubs and I do a quick dinner around the east, near where we live and the best (or worst) part about staying here is that at any time of the day - we never have a lack of food choices. Great for satisfying a rambling tummy but hell for diets!
I've always had a soft spot for pancakes so I was pretty much hyped up trying out this new place in Katong even it was more dinner time, rather than breakfast time.
Having chicken wings before my main course comes
And maple syrup for my pancakes!
I found the service rather polite, albeit abit of a confusion in the beginning coz we didnt have prior reservations as we simply walked pass and walked in! Food-wise, I think there are some areas that could be improved on and polished up but this place is really very new so I hope they work through the rough edges alittle more.  :)
Anyways we headed back to I12 Katong ......
For something else......
My Sesame Paste dessert! 
I love hot desserts as opposed to cold ones so Im digging this alot! I think I can eat this everyday lol.
By the time you are reading this, I'll be out and about coz I have a really full day today! Lunch in town with my favourite people, running some errands and then 2 events back-to-back tonight *gasp* so watch this space. Im excited!
Will be back real soon and have a great day everyone! xoxo
Special Thanks to TheRacyShop for my Button-Me-Up top in Champagne Pink!
*On sale right now! $12/- Available in Collection 5
I love the lace details in the front and there's a row of pearl buttons down the back so its really unique. But I like the colour best .. coz its PINK!
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Here's my previous advert in KL on TheRacyShop Here!
Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thks to u, i bgt the last pc of button me up in blue at only $9. tho' pink do look nicer..


  2. Hi Shermaine!
    $9...! Wat a great deal! Blue also nice la kekeke :p


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