J-Pot Girly Lunchie Day

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes Im thankful to be kept sane by my wonderful ex-colleagues who never fail to make me laugh with their countless antics at work! Although I've quit flying for more than a year ... I really feel as thought I've never left the company! I've been kept diligently updated (with gossip) by so many lovely friends that it is hilarious! What will I do without these people I wonder :)
We meet up almost every month as long as our schedules permit and its always such a blast we end up planning the next one almost immediately!
My cute 38 sister Cel
My lovely 38 Viv
Who was soooo sweet to get us little kitty snack pressies from Japan!
Steamboat-ing while the afternoon whiz us by
An array of seafood and meat with individual steamboat pots
Got yong tau foo somemore haha
Bon Appetite! 
We ordered the set lunch for 4 people and I think we finished everything!
Loving my 38 sisters! Its like free therapy catching up with them LOL!
“If you have good friends, no matter how much life is sucking ..... they can make you laugh.” - P.C. Cast
Have a great mid week! 
Back soon!

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