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Saturday, September 29, 2012

On most days I try my very best to eat healthy but I dun like it when my (evil) husband and friends organize Sake Suppers at 10pm! On a weekday!
Our good friend Al gets the best Sakes and we all troop down to our regular joint in the heart of Tanjong Pagar for some fabulous food and non-stop conversation.
Hot plate butter Sotong is DA BOMB!
Chefs hard at work behind the bar counter, in the kitchen.
Our friend and owner, - Head Chef T.
We are really into drinking Nigori Sake now, also known as Unfiltered Sake and I think you really should try some soon! Unlike the clear version, this is cloudy and generally slightly sweeter so it really sits well with me.
The usual suspects
Opening yet another bottle for the night!
LOL check out Willy's expression
It was a FUN night!
Good on you.. YS!
(She doesnt drink!)
Had such a wonderful time that night! Think we kept eating and drinking until we almost cant move.
And then Chef T had to force more food on us!
We call it the 2 spoon dish! 
Photo from my Instagram : Sugar73
What an explosion to the tastebuds!
Girls having FUN!
And then GT comes in time (after Jay Chou concert!) for a spoonful of heaven! 
I really should be working out more to burn all the calories from our Sake Suppers! Planning a house steamboat at GT & D's place soon and I think there will be more Sake and alot fooood to come! :)
I wish everyone a lovely Mooncake Festival this weekend and take care! Will be spending it with family so I'll be back next week!
Special Thanks to Pandora (Necklace on feature)
About a couple weeks ago I had the good fortune to choose something on loan from Pandora to feature the brand. And to be totally honest, I've never taken the effort to know the brand more until recently although I've definitely heard of them before. And to my amazement it seems like everyone seem to be wearing them already! Here's my personal friend YS with her lovely Pandora bracelet! 
She tells me she has been collecting them slowly.. one trinket at the time and every single one tells a personal experience or story :')
Our Pandoras on display here with two imps at the back!
I especially love the ones from the National Icon Limited Edition range becoz its really something close to my heart. I've personally been to some of the places featured, so to wear it .. its like remembering all the great times while I was there :D
These are from designs and trinkets from the latest Autumn-Winter12 collection.
I find it perfect as a gift to someone really close, or someone really special.
You can simply get a single charm and the bracelet by itself - and allow the person to slowly build up a personal collection. And there is never two bracelets that will totally be the same!
Here's a personal peek of what I've chosen for myself.
Do you see anything u can relate to here? :)
I've used my own chain for a different look.
And here, only one charm on a chain.
How cute is this!
Now Im totally sold and Im really thinking of getting one for myself to build up a small collection.
Do you own any Pandora? Let me know if you do! 
I would love to hear what you think.
Take care! 

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