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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday :)
Its the lovely start to the F1 weekend which means.. Im staying in and keeping far away from town! Traffic is horrendous, crowd is crazy and the sound! Dun let me start on the deafening sound. Cant deal with it so I'll stay far away from it. 
Right at home. Teehee.
So last week I was kindly invited by the nice peeps of Crowd to join the Nespresso U launch at Kam Leng Hotel. 
Say what? Kam Leng..? 
Yesss! Kam Leng's this really cool recently restored boutique hotel at Jalan Besar road right opposite Lavender Foodcourt.
True to its roots, you find nostalgia in every nook and corner. 
Sakura Teng's Her World magazine cover! My mum loves her lol
I think its from the 60s or 70s? 
Really nice mod looks with heavy eyelashes and huge beehive hairdos!
I wanna take this vase back! 
Look at the bottom .. its filled with Nespresso capsules!
Wall decorations 
Kam Leng hotel room rates 
The corridor has been left pretty much untouched and kept to its original flooring 
I've seen this staircase around! 
You can find it in older buildings or even shophouses in Singapore now, but more in Malaysia so this is pretty rare to be so well-maintained!
How about a picture with the bicycle haha
Enough exploring the hotel.. lets start the event proper! 
Huge U backdrop for the Nespresso U machine launch!
Here's a picture with Nespresso SG Country Manager - the lovely Irene Latoa along with my fellow blogger friends (L-R) Tiphanie and Verlyn while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive and settle down for dinner :)
Walking into the Nespresso wonderland
Everything was done with decorative capsules from Nespresso!
The Western table setting for our dinner that evening
Too pretty!
Irene giving a welcome speech before we start the dinner
The newly launched Nespresso U is a highly innovation coffee machine that is easy on the pocket (Retail : S$288) and is adapted to suit your fast-paced lifestyle. 
I'll show you more later :)
Simple, intuitive and functional - the Nespresso U preserves the DNA of Nespresso, offering you at home the best coffee experience. It goes further too, by remembering the length of your favourite coffee, and adapting to your home in a complete compact and functional design. With U, Nespresso brings not only the pleasure of coffee at home, but to also customize through the elegance of simplicity along with an exquisite attention to details machine that you can easily use at home or in the office.

Dinner by Chef Laurent Peugeot of Tetsu.
With bloggers and media
Lets begin! :D
LOL hello Tiphanieeee
Menu for the night
Here's Isaac who sat next to me and he was really funny and entertaining! Nice to meet u Isaac!
Our bread was presented in such an innovative manner!
Can u guess what this is?
Irene was such a sport when I asked her to pose for me! 
My main course which I had chosen earlier was Seared Fish with Asparagus and a sweet potato puree. It was delicious! I like it very much.
Looking at the Nespresso media release video
After which ... Dessert was served!
Not literally dessert, dessert.. but we all either get a hotel room key or a card to partner with someone who has it! What a surprise!
I get to pair up with Isaac and Kelvin from Superadrianme :)
Walking along the lobby of Kam Leng Hotel which was magically converted to a Nespresso floor!
Cute decals on the walls
To show the flexibility and adaptability of the new U machine, : Nespresso has kindly invited guest 'designers', who are professionals from their respective fields - to design a hotel room with different themes!
Like this is Gardens by the Bed!
Whimsical but with a touch of green
Our desserts on the bed!
Each room has something in common .. can u guess what?
Yes! A Nespresso U machine!
Enjoying my dessert with a cuppa of coffee
There were 7 rooms in total so let me bring u along for the ride 
'No Sleep' room by the co-founders of Syndicate 
The U machine blending in with the quirky design of the room
So yes.. The U lives like YOU!
More .....
How about an Oriental theme room?
So peony flowers and intricate Chinese vases do go together with the U machine!
And then something for the students......
A dorm room! 
I like this :) I found myself thinking of my teenage days~ hahahah
And another
Love this dessert!!! It was chocolate and coffee-y and all melty in my mouth yum!!!!!!
And to the guys.. you might be familiar with FHM's SG editor David Fuhrmann Lim? Do u wanna see his self-designed Modern Bachelor Pad? 
Walking in......
To more desserts! Im so stuffed!
Love the retro tiles found in the hotel too xx
My pink gel toes from Milly's that very day before the event!
Along the walls 
So we are ending the room tour with our last but definitely no least.. Velda's 'Young Couple' room! 
It was such a hit with all the ladies in the house with her modern contemporary Manhattan design that was inspired by her dream home in which she will be sharing with her husband-to-be! :) I think are tying the knot today so congrats Velda and Fred!
Pink desserts!
Love the details 
Small romantic dining area : perfect for two.
It was a lovely event with fellow bloggers! 
Some I already know, some new friends :)
Thank you Nespresso for the invite and I enjoyed myself thoroughly! And thank you Dixie, Merlili and Vivien for being perfect hosts & see u all soon again xoxoxo 
Trying out the new Limited Edition Crealto coffee at home!
Nespresso once more demonstrates its never-­ending quest to surprise and delight consumers with new coffee experiences as it reveals its latest Limited Edition for Autumn 2012, Crealto. 
Nespresso Green Coffee Specialist Alexis Rodriquez was inspired by Michelin-­starred chef Mauro Colagreco’s application of long-­roasting techniques at low temperatures. Uniting the creative strengths of both areas of expertise, Crealto reveals roasted notes that are surprisingly round and a lingering finish, achieved by a long roasting method by Nespresso.
I really like the Crealto! 
It's best served as an espresso but I drink mine with a drop of milk and its great too!
With an intensity of 8 -­ on a scale of 1-10 -­ and blended entirely from washed Arabicas, the unique character of Crealto allows its rich aroma to be fully appreciated. Whether savoured alone or with milk, its long roasting time cooks all the notes harmoniously, allowing it to develop round-roasted notes that are long lasting.
But of coz ... I love my Nespresso all becoz of George. :p
George Clooney that is.
Thanks for dropping by and I hope u are enjoying the weekend! 
God bless!
Both the Nespresso U coffee machine (S$288) & the Limited Edition Crealto coffee capsules (S$11.50 for 10 capsules), are now available at all Nespresso boutiques.
To purchase it now, please head to:
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn #01-14
Singapore 238801
Opens 10.30am  - 9.30pm daily

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