Oops We Did It Again

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last weekend we gathered the group (again!) and headed down for a very late night dinner Omakase. With ALOT of drinks ....
We started dinner at 9.30pm that night!
( I dun even eat after 9pm usually so this was a rare exception!)
While Omakase means not knowing what the chef has prepared beforehand, we actually brought some 'special' ingredients after obtaining permission from the man-in-charge, Chef T! Thank u chef! Here's our starters.
Look at my greedy busy eating face! *faint*
The man himself 
Lets start dinner proper!
Courtesy of the hubs :)
Cheers to great food and fabulous company!
It was nearly 11pm and the kitchen was still busy
More food and non-stop drinks
Lobster head soup! It was soooooo good 
Abalone (another special ingredient from us) that was cooked so well by Chef T, we gave him kudos just for this dish alone. And he didnt know wat we were going to be bringing beforehand at all!
This non-filtered Sake by our friend Al was dope!
Looks like Calpis! 
(A popular Japanese non-carbonated soft drink made from milk and lactobacilli .. which I love!)
Am a very happy girl with the clam soup xx
Our dinner (supper?) kakis
Continuing with dinner and drinkssss
Fried salmon skin! Goes soooo well with beer!
Some for u?
It was pretty late already and soon we were having our dessert! I love Japanese sesame ice-cream I swear its soooo nice and not too sweet!
GT and D :)
We continued drinking after the kitchen closed! 
This is some Japanese lime that clears our palate after our Omasake!
I really have no idea if it was part of the menu but oh well~ it was FUN!
Thanks to Chef S for his wonderful tempura too! We eat it every single time when we are there! I think it was his birthday that day too? Happy Birthday S!
Trying to finish the Sake haha
Kampai! (Cheers!)
Lotsa laughter that night 
"Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are."
- John McLaughlin
Thank you all for the wonderful, wonderful spontaneous night peeps :)
Lets do it again soon. xx
Take care everyone!
*It is generally advised not to spring any surprises on the unsuspecting Chef in any kitchen, restaurant or establishment. Unless you know the chef very well.. or have the intention to drown him in alcohol right from the start.*

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  1. Hi Elaine, so interested to know where is this restaurant.... Care to share? Thanks


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