Pink Flora Nails at Milly's

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello everyone! 
Lovely afternoon today sipping my coffee and looking at pics from last week.
And I hope u enjoyed my Aaron Kwok post yesterday :) It was sooo much fun reminiscing about the past and I really should it more often lol. Talking about the past, I had a lunch date last wednesday with my good old friend from wayyy back in secondary school. Its been so many years! Its crazy seriously.
Shit we do.
Somebody camwhoreee my camera 
Found pics like these when I went home
Dunno what I doing. Maybe replying Wassap
Deliriously hungry and waiting for my pasta!
Had a mini drama with this order of Iced Green Tea that it was mildly hilarious.
Me: "Can I have Iced Green Tea, please."
Waitress:"In a can?"
Me: "No, I want the normal green tea no sugar de, with ice."
Waitress:" Oh ... that one we dun have. Only have Iced Green Tea in a can."
Me: "U have hot green tea?"
Waitress: "Have."
Me: "Ok then u put hot green tea in ice can already."
Waitress: "Ok."
And she comes with green tea in a CAN. -_____-
But never mind food haven come so I s.l.o.w.l.y explain until another waiter manage to get my Iced Green Tea right hahaha! So yeah very happy with my final green tea so take picture with it. :p
I dun normally make a big fuss with service becoz I think that these people work hard for a living too and having been in the service line previously I think I should be more empathetic to them. However, I put my foot down when people are plainly rude for no rhyme or reason ... or have an "eyes-on-forehead" attitude. If u look down on your paying customers & think u are better than everyone else then I really think you shouldnt even be in service line. Might as well go home and shake leg. :)
Lets eat!
I always come back to Shokudo in Bugis for Japanese pasta becoz I love the furniture colours here! Its so clean and simple and it puts me in a happy mood. Yes... Im shallow that way! Heehee!
Picture with my best buddy :)
So we headed down to Bugis Village since I have an nail appointment with Milly's that day :)
Princess pink room with an array of nail polish
Choosing my nail colour
Getting rid of my old gelish nails to start with new ones
Filing off my previous nail design 
I had wanted to do a normal pedicure but the very kind nail technician had offered to do Gelish for me instead! LOL coz she knows I will be wearing heels to an event later that evening (open-toed no less) but she didnt want me to risk my nails being smudged. It was very sweet of her.
My naked nails
Scrub and massage
UV light to 'set' and dry my Gelish toes
I picked a pink flora design this time in contrast of my previous black nails 
Adorning the nails with flora hand-painting and crystals! 
Love love love crystals and anything 3D nail art. Its too cute!
Here's the finished nails! Pweetty flora ones......
Dessert time for us!
Looking at my Instagram!
I love my buddy!
And thank you Milly for my lovely nailsss xoxo
Im off to read my Japanese magazine and get inspired! I love getting my nails done and yes.. it puts me in a GREAT mood too! Hope u are having a great mid-week! 
Wake me up when September ends :)
Special Thanks to Milly's for my Pink Flora Nails! Totally loving it xoxoxo
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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  1. Hi Elaine :) It was a joy to read your Aaron Kwok post. In fact, I'm not so much a Aaron Kwok fan, but after hearing the song which you posted, I fell in love with it! ;)

    And it still is a joy to read this post of yours. ;)

    I like your hair and hair you by any chance know what's the name of the colour? Also, did you need to have to bleach your hair to achieve this colour?

    Thanks and have a good day ahead!

  2. Hello babe!
    Thank u thank u and I really hope u enjoyed the Aaron Kwok song! Heehee I find it so dreamy n nice :P

    My hair color is called Ash and no... no bleaching required! I had many compliments on the hair colour so Im really liking it too :) And thank you sooo much for yr comment! It inspired me to post about my latest haircare products coz I wanted to share it for the longest time but never gotten round to doing it! LOL so yes.. thank u and hope u will drop by again soon! xoxo

  3. hi elaine,
    you have the angel heart, kind and humble :)
    or can i say you have higher EQ? agree with you that everyone earn for a living and at their position, they might have limited understanding that we can tolerate, but not tolerate with the nose-on-head type that look down on customer .

  4. Hello my dear Shiro! Thank you for dropping by the blog :)


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