Vanity Trove x Watsons Collaboration

Monday, September 03, 2012

Is it September already? 
Look what came in the mail for me when I was in KL :)
This VanityTrove edition is a special collaboration by VanityTrove and Watsons!
Redeemable FREE with any Watson's purchases over $60 (members) or $80 (non-members), did you manage to snag one home too? 
I tweeted about this before I flew to KL!
*Do note that this promotion is now over*
Excitedly opening my Trove.........
Information on the products in my Trove!
As usual, the whole box was packed to the brim with masks, lotions, samples and even a full-size BB Cream tube! Perfect way to try out new things before burning a hole in my pocket! And yes! I feel so happy going through each sample carefully, placing it nicely and reading all about the usages! #OCD
Remember I talked about DHC's best-seller here? Imagine my elation to find the sample size Deep Cleansing Oil in this month's edition! *Wheeee~!*
There was a good range of different cleansers from DHC, Garnier, Palmer's and JF Skin.
I actually bought the full-size Garnier cleanser for my hubs coz he seemed to like it.
The DHC Mild Soap bar so cute and small. Look like chocolate cookie size.
And to keep blemishes at bay, I received the Vichy NormaDerm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Lotion. (What a mouthful for pimple cream) This is great coz I can use the sample size during PMS days when my skin tend to be more oily than usual.
Moisturizers - I got the DHC Mild Lotion and the Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Why the names all sooo long one?)
And alot alot of Masks! 
I particularly like the Pure Beauty ones becoz they come in a resealable twist cap package which u can easily throw in your travel pouch without carrying a full size mask overseas! And you can up to 2-3 times so its really quite environmentally friendly too. (Thumbs up!)
To complete your beauty experience, VanityTrove x Watsons even threw in a Pure Beauty full-size BB cream. I use BB creams on a frequent basis becoz they are lighter in consistency and dun feel too heavy on summer days so I cant wait to try this out too.
Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream (Full-size)
More samples like Shampoo, Suncreen etc and I really want to try the L'oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence too! Been seeing the advertisements on TV heehee.
I really think its great value for the Watson's customer becoz you get to try new samples and products or perhaps you can even share it with your family and friends. I now use all the sample sizes on my travels becoz they are lightweight (use and throw) and Im not afraid of being forgetful and leaving products behind in the hotel!
So a big Thank You to VanityTrove for their Limited Edition Watsons Collaboration surprise!
Just looking at it brings a smile to my face coz Im such a hardcore skincare junkie! :D
*The above is a VanityTrove x Watsons edition and each Trove differs slightly*
Will be back soon! 
For the September VanityTrove Edition - expect to find the latest RUNAWAY LOOKS!
Limited backorders for the September VanityTrove are available at $30 each, inclusive of second-time processing fee here: 
Subscription for October's edition at $25 is already open on so dun miss your chance to get a surprise trove every month at your doorstep!
Subscribers will enjoy any 6-8 beauty treats centering around the beauty stories that VanityTrove picks, featuring trends they love this season! Happy Trove-ing! xx

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