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Thursday, September 20, 2012

If you have seen my previous post on VanityTrove x Watson's Collaboration (here), I was pleasantly surprised to receive the actual Vanity Trove parcel surprise in the mail soon after! Attached with it was a sweet handwritten note by Camy and that really made my day!
Say it with me. "Awwww."
*Dramatic puppy eyes*
Im always excited to see what is in my Trove because every month has a different theme! Every single month!
Fall in Love. Yes.. I did!
My awesome goodies that had a couple of full-sized items..Yay!
Close-up look
Its no wonder that this is DKNY's most popular fragrance to date! 
The Be Delicious Intense perfume has a refreshing intensity to it, as compared to their other be Delicious range. I find it perfect for bright summer days and it does last pretty long on the skin. 
The Princess Pinki Magic Pink Cream was actually something that I was really looking forward to receive! It  comes out of the tube light pink and you can use it on your lips, cheeks, nipples or external pubic area (I know right....) and it sets your skin to a naturally flushed pinkish colour that will not smudge off. I use it as a lip colour and its very natural!
Masks by Leaders Insolution, Morilins and Beauty Buffet
Update: I've finished using all of them and I like the HydroGel eye masks best coz it was so cooling and pampering for my eyes! I think people usually neglect their eyes so this is a great way to indulge your peepers! 
I also received a full-sized Style Aromatherapy Hair Moisturizer for Dry/Severely Damaged Hair and I'll talk more about this later in this post :) 
This one I love love love! 
Essie nail polish full-sized in Funny Faced - A really cute hot pinkish shade
Here's a swatch of Funny Face (extreme right)
Im currently using the Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Collagen Exfoliating Scrub Bar about 2x a week and its actually quite mild with tiny beads for exfoliation but it lathers up pretty well so its doesnt feel very grainy on my delicate skin.
Having conjunctivitis previously meant that I had to throw away all my contact lens, eye makeup and mascaras! Boo. So I was ecstatic to find the Rimmel full-sized mascara in my VanityTrove! 
Its called the Volume Flash Mascara and I've been using it religiously for my bottom lashes currently.
Review: Its great for a maximum 2 coats, anything more might clump your lashes. I use 3 different mascaras for my bottom lashes to get the fake-lash effect and I will share more about them in future!
So a big big Thank You to Vanity Trove for their September surprise and Im really loving all the products by using them in my daily life and sharing the love with family & friends too! Its a great way to try out something without committing fully to the product and its such a bonus to get full-sized items in the Trove!
My Current Hair Care Products 
I have extremely thick and fizzy hair which have not been permed or rebonded. However I do alot of hair colouring and heat styling (aka curlers) so my ends are significantly more damaged over time. Im currently using the L'oreal Professional Range called "Intense Repair". You can get it easily from beauty stores in the neighborhood and they cost between $15 (for Shampoo) and $30. (for Hair Mask)
Regular shampoo-ing and conditioning/ hair masking are not enough for the average girl but I find that Singaporeans are generally haphazard in their haircare routine as compared to say.. skincare. 
In addition, I also use a clarifying hair shampoo weekly. This is to ensure that I get rid of any hair residue and buildup from my daily styling products. Here is the Tsubaki Extra Cleansing Shampoo which you can get from Watson's.
After shampoo-ing and conditioning my hair, I use the Style Aromatherapy Leave-In Moisturizer on damp hair BEFORE I blow dry it.
It smells so DIVINE I cant stop smelling my hands after!
I also prefer to use this at night before I go to bed ( you can use it on both dry/damp hair too) becoz I sleep in an air-conditioned room and it can be drying on my hair.
Another product that I use daily especially AFTER styling my hair is the L'oreal Mythic Oil for all hair types.
Like its name, this is oil so I find that its particularly great for shine after blowdrying and curling my hair. This is a great last step to healthy bouncy hair!
Here's a family picture of my current haircare products and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together! :)
Take care and cya soon!
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