Watson's Beauty Party

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What a beautiful Tuesday it is :)
Watson's recently held a Beauty Day Out event and it was too much FUN!
“Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning."
- Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz
Held at Fullhouse Cafe, I was amazed by how Watson's totally transformed the place! Show you in abit!
This mascot sooo cute. Can bring home?
With my pretty blogger friends Yijing and Renzze!
Here's Clara and Holly Jean :)
So... Im kinda dressed up this way in accordance to the Travel Chic Theme!
Hat.. Rattan bag by Liz Lisa.. I try! :p
(If I brought a mat I think I would look like Im heading to a picnic though....)
Lets begin!
Welcome speech by Micheas Chan - Watson's marketing and Merchandising Director. 
Listening attentively 
We had ice-cream and then we were divided into groups before we start to head upstairs, led by our group leader Cheryl!
There was many booths and we all get to play with the products featured! 
First up.. Ma Cherie!
I've tried this before when I bought it from Japan... 
and now its coming to you soon in Watson's!
Here's us during the product introduction lol
I love the packaging.. I love the smell and most importantly the conditioner (only thing I've tried) was very good! Finally they are going to be sold in Watson's.. yay!
This will look beautiful in my bathroom haha!
We get to try out their hair products too! xx
'Ma Cherie' means "My Sweetheart" in French and as the name goes, the line of hair care that cares for your hair in the most luxurious sweet rewarding way.
And we posed for pictures coz their deco was too SWEET!
I need my bathroom to look like this!
We carried on to the next booth... Kent Finest Brushes! 
Not only does Kent have their bestselling hair brushes, they have recently launched their newest range of Makeup brushes in Watson's called "Twelve"
Roger Khor, Managing Director of Velvut, the exclusive Singapore distributor says: "Many clients have made requests for us to stock these as they have discovered a gap in the availablity of makeup brushes here. Consumers will find that 'Twelve' blends the best of both segments, offering professional-grade quality with a luxury touch yet maintaining affordability."
We continued our Beauty journey to CLIO!
It was a makeup fantasy come true!
Professional Makeup artists giving demos and explaining the products in detail.
Lets try some out now k!
CLIO has a the bestselling range of eyeliners in Singapore so I was really excited & wanted to give it a go!
Here's my Gold shimmer liquid eyeliner!
We have a tight (pun intended) schedule to adhere to, so we need to get moving!
Hello Slim Spa!
Safe and Effective Slimming Solutions and over 16,000,000 products sold! Slim Spa recommends 3 steps to a slimmer, healthier you. Step 1: Detox, Step 2: Slimming and Step 3: Shaping and Toning.
And here's Ambassador Robin Leong!
Picture time!
And us with two super hunky and gorgeous models from Slim Spa!
Although Robin had his eyes closed but Holly look chio here so I post :p
After having a great time with the hunks and babes.. we headed to Shibuya!
This is the famous DollyWink brand from Japan!
I shall house my falsies with a huge pin-up board of Tsubasa Masuwaka!
Too chio! I loveeeeeee her!!!!
Life-sized cut out of Tsubasaaaa!!!
And they had famous blogger and pretty gyaru babe Kelly of http://www.kellykonomi.com/ to come do up our eyes with the lashes from the latest range of Dollywink!
Here's Renzze trying out bottom lashes!
Kelly did a great job! Look how Renzze eyes stand out more now?? 
Ok la i try too :p
Pretty Kelly drew dark brown eyeshadown for me before choosing some bottom lashes for me
Sticking them on
I dun normally use bottom lashes coz I is lazy lol
She is too pretty right! Check out her blog here! 
Kelly and Renzze! 
(Both of them super petite in real life!)
But then we found out that Tsubasa Masuwaka stands at a mere 150cm!!! 
Sooo doll-like! This is her real-life cut-out and it was sooo small and petite! And she has a son already fml what sorcery is this. Why she still so young n chio??
I look like giant in wedges next to her.
Clara's turn but she is already expert in bottom lashes k!
We are happy girls!
Walked over to the Vichy booth after our mini-makeover
Thermal Spa Water reduces skin sensitivity and is soothing, fortifying and regenerating. Supported by medical research, Vichy is dedicated to advancing skin health through a deep understanding of how the skin works. With patented active ingredients combined with Vichy Thermal Spa Water which is naturally enriched with more than 15 minerals, Vichy skincare products deliver an exceptionally high level of efficacy, clinically proven by independent dermatologists.
I love the smell of their range! So refreshing.
Trying out the products 
Headed to the Bio-essence corner
Gold glitters! Wow!
Bio-essence aims to be the leading Global Manufacturing and Marketing Enterprise for beauty, body and health care products. And to deliver a rewarding and memorable total beauty, body and health experience to all our customers globally with our innovative range of products.
I would actually like to try this latest skin innovation .. Snail Secretion! 
I've heard people swear by it!
Look at all the goodness in the serum!
We were also treated to a short hand massage using the Bio-essence essential oil! 
So soothing!
Unfortunately my camera died on me soon after! :(
*Note to self: Charge battery before leaving house! 
But I hope you liked this little post and take care! I'll be back soon. Keke... now Im off to go watch some Japanese Gyura tutorials and dream about the ever-pretty Tsubasa ... She is super chioooo can!
Leaving you a pic of us! 
We had a great time, thank you Watsons!
Special Thanks to Watson's once again!
All brands and products seen here can be found in Watson's stores all across Singapore.
Back again soon!
Do download the Watson's Mobile App available at App Store and now on Android!

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