Another Flora Day with Milly's

Friday, October 19, 2012

If you are in a bad mood .. 
Hahaha actually I wasnt in a bad mood but these are things I love to do when I have the absolute luxury of time in the afternoons
I live in the east so I decide to troop down to Milly's at Bugis for some nail pampering 
Before I go on and show you my nails, I decide to actually show you how to get there (To the Bugis Branch)
As you enter the busy main street of Bugis Village, keep walking straight until you see a huge screen and a money-changer (See pic below)
You should be able to see this signboard - Welcome to Alan Street
There is a colourful escalator there, so use it to go up one level
This is level 2 and once u see a shop selling bikinis and lingerie, turn in the small walkway and go straight ahead 
Taa-daa! And you will see Milly's easily! 
Its a huge shop!
Pretty chandelier 
Variety of nail polish
Milly's changed their shop design alittle since the last time I've came!
There's a current promotion of $20 Gelish Manicure so do try it if you've never tried gelish before
They also do hair extensions and lash extensions if you are ever interested :)
While I was there, I saw a customer doing hair extensions and I must say that the staff is extremely FAST! The customer came in with ear length hair, but before I know it she has long silky tresses down to her waist!
But Im here to do my nails... teehee! Back to me.
Here's my Nail Technician Corine removing my previous gelish design
You can view my entry on it : Click Here
Filing it away 
I requested my nails to be trimmed alittle coz really long nails get in the way so this is a perfect length for me to go about in my daily activities :)
Bare nails lol
Massage time! Yay
Another big ass happy face picture thankyouverymuch
After removing old nail polish
Cutting cuticles and scrub .. my toe nails are nice and clean!
Look at my new nail base design .. pink background with dark pink dots.. Guess what are these?
And all painstakingly all handpainted! I have friends and family who ask me if they are stickers? So I decided to take pictures of the process n show them here :D
A mixture of pink, red and green
Excited and cant wait to see the final design!
Can tell?
Yes! Flora flora again! My absolute favourite design currently! FLORA ROCKS
Adding 3D acrylics
With diamonds and all 
Seal with gelish topcoat and its done!
Hang on...
Check this out ..
Totally to-die-for flora nails with hearts diamonds ribbons xx
Thank you soooo much Milly's for the lovely nails!
Sometimes I stare at them and start daydreaming :)
For more info : Call 83835395 or drop by Milly's Facebook (here!) 
Take care and have a great weekend ahead!

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