Guess 30th Anniversary Event

Monday, October 22, 2012

This is Part 2 of my Throwback Wednesday from last, last week!
So after checking out iCute Bugis (here), my good friend Dom and I headed down to the Guess 30th Anniversary party at Tanjong Districpark
First thing I saw when I went in the lift ... Leopard preen! I like~!
Claudia Schiffer is DA BOMB!
I've always loved the brand, it was super HAPPENING when I was growing up ok? I think I begged my parents to get me a pair of white shorts from Guess then which I promptly wore to death. #truestory
My two pretty friends Kat and Serene at the event too!
Take picture first la dun act cool la u
It was interesting how Guess was giving out keys to guests! U can try to open any of the 4 boxes displayed with your chosen 'key'. If the box opens, you keep the mystery prize in the box!
Trying... trying... 
But alas, nothing happened for me! LOL
The pictures framing the walkway into the event area
Lotsa Guess cushions! I love the pictures!
Finger food for all guests
How about a special Guess cocktail called Berry Guess!
I actually liked the cocktail (and models!) alot! Yummy!
Then we kpo go and try the Jim Beam ice-cream cocktail ... 
Very strong! I ish drunk liao kthxbye
I woke up when I saw the *STARS* walk in!!!!!
Not DYT.. but Desmond Tan!!! *swoon*
The fabulous crowd that night
Emcee Bobby Tonelli 
The show started off with a BANG!
Very interesting performance! The musical show was colourful and with water splashing!
Lets start the show proper~!
Round of applause please!
Bobby Tonelli introducing the capsule collection by world famous DJ Tiesto 
Another musical performance
Very fun collection!
The show was GREAT! And now, back to us lol
Had a fun night with my friends!
Took lotsa pictures n had drinks! Yay!
Thank you Guess for the lovely invite!
Special thanks once again to Changeupp for my Fringe Top in Grey $25/-
Previous advert (here!) and all readers can quote 'Elaine73' at checkout for 10% discount.
Take care everyone! Thanks for looking!
Back soon.

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