How About a Crocs Giveaway!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I was invited to the Crocs event at Tampines Mall along with several of my blogger friends to witness the New Crocs New You campaign!
If you haven been to a Crocs store lately, I suggest you try it soon! 
Gone are the days of the huge Crocs shoes but now there's a variety of shoes that will appeal to any one, at any age! 
These look comfy and stylish at the same time!
So colourful!!!
Perfect for the family too
Did u know?
You can click (Here!) and take a look at the new designs that Crocs carry now! Here's two pretty examples ... 
Too cute right!
The start of the event
My friend Smith here as the emcee for the day
Alittle on the Crocs vision
And here's guest star and model Oli Pettigrew talking about his experience and journey of being a Crocs ambassador. 
Bloggers and media listening attentively
Friend and chiobu fellow blogger Chrispytine 
Another familiar pretty face and blogger friend Holly Jean here with me 
And cutie *ahem* Smithhhh
We got to personally choose a pair of Crocs to bring home and I was pretty torn between the black or white choice
I chose Black in the end! 
(I hear u say "again? why always black one you...")
Comes in 3 colours!
Ok frankly I have never tried/bought a pair of Crocs before this event becoz I didnt know that they carried such pretty looking shoes! But the most important part is that you cant imagine how comfy it is. I literally feel like Im walking on air (really) and 2 weeks on, I've been wearing them to church becoz its soooo darn comfortable and it allows me to stand or walk about without any pain. 
Christine's choice is a pair of Crocs wedges and it totally matched her dress! 
With our new shoes! *Yay!*
We had a mini contest to take wacky pictures with our Crocs shoes and the winner walked away with prizes! Here's a really funny picture that I wanted to share!
We all had a great time so thank you Crocs!
Psst.. dun worry .. the bloggers wasnt the only one that won something!
Do you want a Giveaway too??? Say Yes okieee!!!!
Because Crocs is extremely generous to provide PAIR OF CROCS SHOES + $50 CROCS VOUCHERS EACH TO TWO READERS HERE!
All you have to do : Like my Facebook Page Here! 
Simply "Like and Share" this picture below in my FB Page.
Leave a comment when you do so and I will pick out 2 lucky winners! 
*Dateline : 14th Oct 2012 Midnight*
Good luck to everyone!
Take care! xoxoxo
If you are free this Saturday 13th Oct - Do drop by the Hope Dog Rescue Pets' Day Out event to raise funds for the dogs!
They have 50 goody bags worth more than $50/- each to be given out to the first 50 pet owners who come to the Hope Dog Rescue booth with their dog and say "I love HOPE!". Goody bags generously sponsored by Pet HQ.
Come join them for a day of fun for both you and your pets! 
Meet the famed rescued dogs - Prince, Café, Rei, Sunday! Hope Dog Rescue will also be having HOPE Dog Rescue shirts, car decals, calendars and more up for sale!
For more info : Click here for event details
For more information and rescue details 
Hope you are having a great start to the week and I'll be there on Saturday so do drop by and show some support thank you! See ya!! :D

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  1. hi there when will the crocs giveaway be ending?

  2. OMG yes why i never put dateline here ahhhh Zzzzzzzzz (-___-)''''
    Thanks for the reminder! Dateline end of this week! 14th oct midnight! :D


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