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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Part 1 of Throwback Wednesday
"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson  
How true! :)
Went for durian donut and tea with one of my bestest and oldest friend!
Dom & I can talk the day away, but we had a Guess event that very night so we did tea-time before heading to the venue together.
But not before checking out iCute shop in new Bugis Village!
I was invited to drop by the shop so I decided to learn more about the brand and I found out that iCute Bugis is an unique one-stop shop for gifts and accessories with cute animal prints that originated from Taiwan.
iCute Bugis
3 New Bugis Street #03-120
Singapore, Singapore 188867
How to get there:
This is a new extension of Bugis Village, and its called New Bugis Street.
The shops here are relatively newer, and I like that the air-con is colder too! LOL
Here we are! 
Found it in a jiffy actually, by following the unit number.
iCute specialises in animal prints that are of top quality, none of the poor prints that you find may elsewhere.
As I talked to the owner, I got to know more of the history and story of iCute. Founded by Shayne Phil Sho, a Singaporean who was holidaying overseas and found the designs so unique and special so he decided to bring in the brand iCute and their products directly from Taiwan to keep the prices and quality of the bags as close as possible to their Taiwanese counterparts. 
Prices here are actually pretty affordable, with Bags ranging from $25.90-$39.90
The brand is from Taiwan so Im not surprised to see poodle prints! They are the rage with both Japanese and Taiwanese girls alike!
Poodle Long Handle Bag : $39.90
Im drawn to the Maltese prints ones coz we used to have one too!
For Cat lovers. Awwwww kitty.
Small Handle Bag : $25.90
Cabin Bag Trolley : $109
But these Poodles prints are totally CUTE max!!!!
(See the closed-eye one ahaha!)
iCute also has a variety of smaller bags and pouches with dogs, kitties or teddy bears.
Examples of some teddy bear prints available in the shop
Wallets start from $34.30-$14.80 (Long and small)
These iphone covers make a cute present too!
Prints available.
(The SuperDog one damn funny cute!)
Then I saw something cuddly at the corner.......
So cute! 
iCute got cushion cover somemore!
And this bag reminds me of my friend's doggy! How adorable!
Chihuahua prints for me coz I've always found them sooo small n tiny cute!
iCute also does personalised picture printing for any bag for your choice with your own picture too!
They have several packages for you to choose from! 
Perfect for a present for a really close friend or loved one. Email for more info!
I wish all these doggies are mine!!! YUSO CUTE ONE!!!
Thanks everyone for looking! Got to zoom zoom zoom off!
Do drop by iCute Bugis soon too! For more info and pictures : 
I'll be right back with part 2 of my day : The Guess event and hope to see ya soon!
Take care and have a great start of the weekend~
Special Thanks to Changeupp for my Fringe Top in Grey $25/- and to iCute Bugis for their Maltese Coin Pouch $8.90 :)
Perfect cute little handy pouch for coins and change! Looking at the puppies bring a smile to my face! 
*One pouch, two designs on each side.
Hope u enjoyed looking at the cutie animal prints! xoxo

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