Joie's Surprise Retro Party

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It was just another day at the photo studio ........
With the group in colorful wigs and holding poppers 
Trying to scare the "totally-no-idea-what-is-happening" birthday girl 
Joie thought we will be having a beer party at the studio but what she didnt know is that we all dressed up secretly, decorated the whole place, everyone arrived early but we turned off the lights to seem as if nobody was there yet!
Some of us even messaged her to say that we got caught up with work/traffic/whatever blah blah 
But I think she was bewildered by our costumes more than anything else.....
A home-made marble cake by our chef Joe befitting the RETRO theme!
Look at the psychedelic colours of the cake!
My partner in crime Dii and I chose the most obiang wall background theme......... 
of flowers, butterflies and a cottage!
Prepared the birthday girl for a phototaking session with princess props!
All of us was secretly guffawing in the background ... Will u just look at the totally obiang pic behind! Look at the hugeee sunflower *faint*
Pop the champagne Joie!
Cheers to the start of the party!!!
Joie's BFF Haz (Who told her he was not free that day lol!)
Lets begin eating (and drinking!)
Sharing snippets 
Open present time!
Me and my Afro brother
(What do u mean we dun look alike?)
See, the background comes in handy right
Playing with balloons!
Whahhahaha dun ask me
And then.......
Let the fun begin ........
The girls!
Happy Birthday Joie! 
(Lady Gaga at the back)
The guys
Identity crisis
Mirror image
Then we changed the background!!! From retro become 90s
DJ play that song~
Minnie Mouse in da house
Poor Ollie! Wearing a bow too
Then we moved on to Oppa Gangnum Style!
Hey ~ Sexy ladyyyyyy
Too hilarious for words!
Beng Marley comes to life
I think I got a video somewhere to blackmail everybody ~
But we all had FUN!
Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Disclaimer: No wigs or dogs were harmed in any way. All characters and events in this entry, even those based on real people .. - are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any people, living or dead - is nothing but a fragment of your own imagination and no picture should be copied, re-produced, or used to blackmail anyone here.
Or I will personally kill you. 
Have a great week ahead! xoxoxoxoxo
Back soon!
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Themed ‘One World United in Humanity’, the signature fundraiser will be opened by the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, who is the distinguished Patron of the Singapore Red Cross.
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