My Hatched Morning

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sometimes I have crazy friends who organize breakfast even when none of us are really early birds.
And even when I drove all the way to Bukit Timah and got lost, finally found it, then got lost again (due to carpark) - Its amazing how I still turned out being the first one to arrive.
So if they didnt turn up that morning I will scratch their cars the next time I see them, lor. For making me come all the way here! (They did come, finally.)
Walked into Evans Lodge 
And there you go - Hatched. 
Although its abit out of the way for me, I do like the chirpy service and rustic Ikea kinda country feel.
It was a weekday morning but there was a constant stream of customers.
I like it when cafes add small little touches to the decor in relation to the theme of the cafe and in this case, I saw chicken toys and egg displays which I really thought was pretty cute!
I believe that the success of a business might not solely come from one factor - although I think its important when people like what they see and find it comfortable enough to come again, but obviously you ought to have the goods to back you up or else nobody will come if your decor is fabulous but food quality bad. So yes, no matter how big or small it is, everything does play a part.
But I didnt really like the menu though, coz the illustrated pictures are really small and I cant see whats being offered in the pictures. 
My Lover and me
My ownself-say-he-look-like-Julian Cheung friend
My coffee was not memorable.
But the food presentation was 100% thumbs-up and we actually liked everything we ordered.
We even ordered extra portions of mash potatoes! 
Lover's corn beef was slightly salty but thats usually the case with corn beef I believe.
I like how the salad was lightly seasoned and totally fresh, unlike some places who give you stale vegetables and try to pass it off as a side.
My crepe presentation (I love crepe!) was slightly more mellowed, with just salad on the top. But thankfully it tasted pretty good and I wiped it clean although I might go back solely for the eggs the next time I can convince myself to drive down to town for breakfast again.
See what I mean? 
The eggs looked sooo good right!
It was a laid-back breakfast and we spent the morning talking rubbish (as usual) and laughing until some of us had to run back to work/gym/shop/whatever.
Then we start camwhoring and acting abit crazy
The one at the back please dun pretend to look at emo k!
Paid the bill (Thanks Lover for the treat!) and we all went outside to walk around the estate a little more
Love his Loubies!
Schoolmates since soooo many years ago!
All my friends sibeh vain all wear louboutin come and eat breakfast then I one person wear slipper come. Hahahahaha but I totally enjoyed spending time with my friends! They make me laugh like mad, lor.
I went to get a hair cut right after and touched up my roots by BFF :) 
Am loving this hair colour although Im contemplating on making it alittle darker in future. Hmmm.. shall sleep on it keke.
Have a great Sunday everyone! 
Off to a BBQ with the hubs & remember to join the Crocs Giveaway now if you have not! Winners will be announced tonight midnight 14th Oct :D
Take care!
Edited to Add: 
 Congratulations to MAY TAY and KITTY HOO for winning the Crocs Giveaway!
Please email/PM me your full name, contact number, email and mailing address by 15th Oct midnight.
 A big thank you everyone for your participation too!

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  1. Hello. Care to share where you got this lovely brown dress? Thanks.

  2. Hi dear!
    From H&M new york around 2 years ago! :(

  3. Hi there!

    I'm not a blogger myself...but I love love reading your blog! Especially your travel blog. How amazing is that. U are funny! U really have an eye for fashion & almost perfect in everything! Btw, nice hairdo. I think u look great. Care to share what's the new hair colour?

    Have a great week ahead!

    xxxx Jann

  4. Hi Elaine, can you kindly let me know which salon you visited? Am looking for one which can cut my bangs properly like yours.. thanks!


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