My Naughty Godson

Thursday, October 25, 2012

If you dun like children ... then you better close the window! 
This post is totally mindless, and mostly pictures on my darling Godson :)
The cheeky boy!
Godma cant help but irritate you
His favourite past time is watching ipad ipad ipad 
Im poking him on one side, and his mother also poking him... then he used his hand to wave us away! Wahahaha coz we disturbing him watch youtube!
Kayden : ""
And you know he's my Godson when ...
He start doing YOGA in the middle of a song
Forward bend ...
Like this!
More disturbance from me
His mother showing him a video of himself *cough narcissistic cough*
He kept replaying the video!
Then dunno choot wat pattern .. eat his rubber toy
We were going "Eeeeeee..dirty boy.." in the background LOL
Another Godma came and start disturbing him 
"Dun take my balls!!"
Godson then took ALL his bicycle, truck, balls and scattered on the floor! *facepalm*
"Leave me alone.........Godma!"
The most classic picture from that night!!!!! 
One crying .. the other laugh until very happy liddat!
Mummy and Godma : "Love you Godson! Muack muack!"
Godson : " What can I do to let you all NOT disturb me...??"
So off we go for dinner in case Your Royal Highness decide to start rolling his 2 year old eyes at us ... 
Maybe the one at home was like ....
Our dinner!
The sweet and sour sauce tasted abit weird weird that day ... Like sourish funny. Wen, u eat already got tummyache anot? LOL
So thats how we ended our Girly Day! Part 1 (here!)
After that I went home and crash. Super tired disturbing godson. You dun say.
Thanks for looking (really) - hope I didnt waste 5 mins of your time kekeke. 
Back soon! 
Leaving you with the naughty boy .......
Bye! xx

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