On a Date with The White Rabbit

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sometimes I think it should be made mandatory for married couples to have a leisure dinner alone, without any kids, family or friends. Actually.. the more quiet and ulu the place, the better. Hee.
"Tucked away in the lush greenery of Dempsey, The White Rabbit brings romantic, age-old European charm to Singapore. A beautifully restored chapel repurposed as a contemporary restaurant and bar, The White Rabbit serves a charming mix of old world classics like Escargot a la Bourguignonne and Lobster Thermidor, as well as heart-warming favourites including their signature mac & cheese with truffle sauce and Braised Oxtails with pomme puree and roasted root vegetables." - Chope.com.sg
Dun get me wrong, as much as I love eating with loved ones - I also enjoy the tranquility of having a small intimate dinner with my husband where we can fully immerse ourselves in conversation and food. 
White Rabbit has been a 'must-go' place for me as long as I can remember but we somehow never manage to find the time or right occasion to drop by for a meal.
So after much procrastination and delay, we finally made reservations to have our one year wedding anniversary dinner there. 
The service was impeccable right from the start and we had an enjoyable evening talking to the Maitre D and getting to know the history of White Rabbit. 
Drink up to good times.
I ordered a chocolate lava cake for dessert but they were so sweet to surprise us!
How about a Flambé meringue, anyone? :)
It was such a sweet way to end dinner!
Being mild alcoholics, we adjourned outside for a nightcap before ending dinner.
The Rabbit Hole is an outdoor alfresco bar area where friends n dates can gather to enjoy a drink under the stars, with a DJ and music in the background.
Wasted no time getting a drink lol
View from below
Every table was widely spaced out so even when there was a pretty good amount of people outside, we didnt once feel that we lacked privacy and in addition, even the service here was fast & efficient to boot.
We talked, laughed and enjoyed time away from the hustle and bustle of a city during a weekend. 
Perhaps you should book a date there soon? :)
Hope you enjoy the rest of the week, guys. 

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*Dateline : 14th Oct 2012 Midnight*

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