Sabaai Sabaai Massage Day with my BFF

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love going out with my girlfriends.
I mean, there's nothing else funnier than talking nonsense the whole time until you get eye spasm from rolling your eyes at each other so much.
And makan-ing with my BFF also means its Japanese Pasta day! I always add corn in mine coz its soooo yummy!
Bought this for Godson on one of my previous KL trips
After a delicious lunch and some catching up ... BFF and I headed down to Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage in Boat Quay for some personal girly time!
Its situated right in the middles of Boat Quay, facing the river. Definitely not difficult to find at all!
Let's head up shall we?
The moment we saw the staircase, both of us was like, "Woahhh.. so nice.." 
LOL if you remember, we just went for a BFF Bangkok Trip recently so its totally like DEJA VU all over in Thailand again! Yay!
Sabaai Sabaai  is a totally cosy and intimate haven ... perfect to bring your girlfriends or other half here to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city!
Every detail here would really remind you of amazing Thailand..!
Im going for the 1 hour Traditional Thai Massage - $58, while my BFF Wendy is going for the 1 hour Foot + Neck & Shoulder Massage - $55
Sabaai Sabaai also have Value Packages for customers and even a Loyalty Member program too!
Certificates of the skilled therapists adorned the wall upon entering
This place is kept very neat, clean and zen-like 
Girly relaxation time STARTS NOW...!
Like most professional spas, we were given a form each to fill out 
The therapist kick off the session with a soothing foot scrub to cleanse our feet before we start the massage proper
We were also given some ginger tea ~ my favourite!
Cant wait to start my Thai Massage!
Lets take a walk into the main spa area!
I was impressed at how new and neat everything is! 
Perfect place to unwind
Gentle candlelight along the walkway to my massage bed
A very neat bed which has a robe prepared for me to change into
My BFF is only doing a foot massage so she no need change clothes! But she's kept close beside me, in the next bed during the whole treatment and we could talk to each other and not feel lonely! #baby #foreveralone
*Customers are encouraged not to talk during massages*
We can open the curtain and play peek-a-boo
(For total privacy, you can choose to close the curtain inbetween)
Lets start!
Dun judge her monkey look .. she's having a ball of time actually
Ahhhhhh ~ 
And here I am .. 
I have to tell you first. 
I absolutely love Traditional Thai Massage over any other kind of massage becoz I do alot of yoga and Thai Massage is always an excellent way to stretch my muscles and soothe aching ones from yoga. And I can do it every day in Bangkok if I can afford the time. So yes.. my expectations  of the massage were pretty high, to say the least.
*Expect alot of contortionist movements!*
Thai massage is a type of massage in Thai style that involves stretching and deep massage. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor, and the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. 
The true practice of the art of healing in traditional Nuad Boran (Thai massage) is the compassionate intent of the healer. 
The Buddhist spiritual practices associated with Thai massage cultivate humility, awareness, and concentration in the healer designed to bring the practitioner to a deeper level of awareness of herself and the client. This compassionate state of being is termed "metta", which usually translates as "loving kindness".
Every moment is deftly executed to the right amount of pressure 
Stretching and stretching
It looks abit intimidating but its really very good for UNWINDING! 
After the massage, you can expect your whole body to be free of tension and totally loosen up!
I also loved how the therapist was extremely professional.
And while she did ask if the strength was ok, I realise the staff there (unlike alot of other places) dun chat with their customers mindlessly. It was thumbs up alone for that becoz I really get to switch off and fall deep in relaxation. 
BFF's Foot Massage was excellent too!
Infact she actually said that its so much better than the ones we had in Bangkok... lol
Happy BFF!
So a huge Thank you to Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage for their wonderful service and for giving the both of us the opportunity to unwind and relax & spend some girly time today on this lazy afternoon! xoxo
Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage
49A Boat Quay, Singapore, Singapore 049838
Tel : 6536 3306
Thanks for looking! 
Will be back with pics of Godson and more real soon xx
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