VanityTrove & Lavender Sap Patch Review

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hello pixies!
Happy midweek (almost) to everyone and Im totally being at peace and zen at the moment. It is a beautiful start of the week with an amazing yoga practice and a swim in the pool. I managed to clear some of the stuff hanging around in my room (I hate clutter!) and *phew* that felt great after. I dun like to see things lying about so I try my best to use up the products that are sent to me so there's no wastage. :)
Earlier in the month, I received the VanityTrove October issue Big & Bold!
Im always eagerly waiting for my Trove to arrive monthly becoz its like a small surprise present that I cant wait to unwrap! This month's edition came with a few full-sized products and sample sized ones.
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Mild Soap and Mild Lotion (Sample Size)
I always keep these sample pieces and throw it in my gym or travel bag so I can use it outside
In each Trove monthly, you can expect to find vouchers which u can redeem for products/classes or services
Venetrim Vein Reducing Cream (Full-sized)
It felt refreshing upon application as I gave my calves a slight massage. Great for tired feet!
The Essence of Nature Lavender Sap Patch (Full-sized)
I really cant wait to try this out! I've seen this before but I have never had the chance to actually use it!
Read my review at the end of this post. 
Comes with 2 patches for each feet. And it seems sooo nice!
Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (6 samples)
One of the things that I can use daily! Its so convenient coz its packed individually so I dun need to bring the whole box out on my trips overseas or to yoga.
VMV Hypoallergenics 
Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer & Cream Cleanser (Sample size)
Its great for my Combi skin and being Hypoallergenic, the fragrance is pretty light and the lotion feels fresh with no heavy after-feel upon application.
Loreal White Perfect Laser (Sample size)
It is an Anti spot essence to be applied after moisturizer. Good size for travel.
Pupa Vamp Mascara (Sample size)
This is my first ever Pupa product! I've seen the brand of course so I cant wait to try the mascara out. I use false lashes pretty much but I use mascara on my bottom lashes to finish off the look.
So once again a big big Thank you to VanityTrove for their October Big & Bold edition! Its always a pleasure and great fun trying new things out and writing reviews :)
If you would like to try it out for yourself, simply click here: 
It is that EASY! 
VanityTrove costs $25/- per month and each delivery is sent right to your doorstep!
And hang on .... dun go yet!
I promised a review! 
I tried the Lavender Sap Patch the very night I received my Trove! Its supposed to aid in detoxification and beauty by removing toxins from the feet.
Lavender contains an ingredient referred to as ester, which is excellent in relieving fatigue and insomania by assisting user to have sound sleep through lowering blood pressure, and relaxing body and mind. Lavender is a pure natural ingredient with unique aroma and vital life energy extracted from herb with effect in releasing tension tension and pacifying the nerves without toxicity. 
It smells of Lavender and flowers once I took it out from the pack!
Follow the instructions and remove the center section of the adhesive
This is the important piece! It feels cotton-ly 
This is the side that is supposed to be on your feet
So you have to stick the purple side on the adhesive 
Face the white side up
Put it in the middle of the adhesive carefully 
This is how it looks like after 
Paste it on feet ...
Not on Winnie The Pooh's feet though.. on my feet it goes!
Put carefully on both feet
Previous Flora nails from Milly's (here!) 
This is where it's supposed to end up...
Before going to bed!
Good night everyone says Winnie The Pooh!
The next day ............
*Do not scroll down if you get queasy easily!*
It turned a yucky BROWN! 
Final Review: I found it interesting and I read online if you use it often, the brown bits might turn lighter and lighter which means more toxins are removed from your body. Im not too sure if it's true but I did feel a slight 'light' sensation after using it for a night. Like I had a 'spring' in my walk the next day. LOL
Hope you like the review and thank you VanityTrove for my October's edition! xoxo
Back soon!

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