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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello everyone!
Im terribly sorry for being away for so long .. coz I went on a holiday!
It was a nice, fun and girly trip with my lesbo and naughty us left our husbands at home to go to Disneyland!
Hence, this very Minnie Mouse inspired skincare post :)
 So here's a quick look at what I use normally!
This is not a sponsored advert but some of the products that I use daily have been generously given to me for reviews. Sometimes, some of the stuff provided to me may unfortunately not work well with my skin, but those that do, deserve a place in my skincare routine! Hope you enjoy this little post of mine!
Do you recognise some of these? 
A closer look before we start!
Makeup Remover 
Makeup removers are extremely important to me. I use a fair bit of makeup when I go out so removing them  is a must before I head to bed, no matter how tired I am. Currently, I am using the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (*sponsored item) and I have always preferred using oil to remove my makeup. I find this mild but pretty effective, although its slightly more difficult to get rid of stubborn waterproof mascara sometimes. Other than that, its great and doesnt break me out. Can be found at Watson's.
Facial Foam
I love using the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy facial wash (*sponsored item) in the mornings! I cant explain the grapefruit smell, but its so fresh and citrus-y I find myself feeling very refreshed using this lol!
It doesnt lather up much, but its suffice becoz I tend to use this in the morning and I dun have any makeup on so its great for bare skin. But the smell ..! Did I mention how fresh it smells like! 
Its not a girly facial wash at all, so I am most happy to share it with my husband too! Item is newly launched, and can be found in Watson's.
For night time, I am using my Anna Sui Foaming Moisture Wash. 
Yes .. I use 2 kinds of facial wash for both night and day! 
If you are familiar with Anna Sui, then you will know how the signature rose scent smells like!
I love how foamy this is, - Its an auto dispenser so simply press the nozzle and the foam turns out like this! Great for night time after I remove my makeup with cleansing oil. It removes the oily feeling from the makeup remover, yet is not drying for my skin after double cleansing. And the smell puts me at ease and preps me for bedtime. Cant share it with my husband though lol. Can be found at Anna Sui counters.
Before I get into my Toning regime, I just wanted to show my facial cotton pads! I try to get these which are better in quality and they are pretty inexpensive actually. I prefer these as they dun cause cotton balls on my face! Watson's air-laid facial puffs feels cotton-ly and they never tear. Can be found in Watson's.
I've been using SKII Facial Treatment Essence for a rather long time, and I find that they give me a slight radiance. I add about 3 drops to my cotton pad and pat it on my skin. However, I find that the price now is super scary! I used to buy it from Japan or DFS so its cheaper but its so expensive locally! So now I use it on alternative days as to make it last longer 
If you are new to SKII, I would recommend that you obtain a tester before you purchase the item! Some people tend to break out from this and its rather expensive, so its safer to test it beforehand.
You can buy it from the airport DFS or in most departmental stores. 
My favourite toner is the Obagi Pore Therapy. It has salicylic acid which keeps pimples at bay but it might be too drying for the skin if you use it often. I use this on alternate days and only at night.
I got this from my aesthetic doctor's office but you should be able to get this online easily from ebay. 
Eye Care 
One of my favourite skincare discoveries this year! 
The Loreal Revitalift Laserx3 Anti-aging Transforming Eye Cream (*sponsored product) is so new - It launched island-wide only in March. I went for the private media event and had the opportunity to bring this home! I love the metal tip which dispenses the product cleanly, and no double-dipping!
I find it rather soothing and therapeutic to use this actually! It does help with de-puffing my eye bags and I do think that its a great product for everyday usage. Love it!
Can be found in Watson's from 1st March onwards.
Another great product for my eyes is the Goodskin Labs Tri-Aktiline Plus Deep Wrinkle Filler (*sponsored product)
You can use this for eyes, smile lines, wrinkles etc. Great for your anti-aging routine and I know some people get really bothered about their lines around their mouth area even! This product promises to fill it up and if used regularly .. it replaces the need for fillers. 
I usually dab a wee bit on my laugh lines and wrinkles .. hoping to fill them in and perhaps look even younger! This product can be found at all Sasa stores.
Re-Balancing Care
I have Combination skin - which means my t-zone is oily, yet my cheeks are rather dry. Recently I picked up a full-sized Clarins Face Treatment Oil in Lotus from Hongkong coz I was thinking of buying it for a pretty long time!
I tried the old (non-dropper) version years back, but recently, the kiasu me had actually went to the Clarins counter to get a small sample to test it out again before I purchase the item.
I find that it helps refine my skin, and its not so oily in the day after regular use. This is meant for night use, so it keeps my skin very moisturized as I sleep with air-con. And when I wake up, my skin has a very soft baby feel to it. Its not very oily, but do not use it under makeup! I think this is so much better in the night where your skin has the chance to rejuvenate during sleep.
Use this before your normal night time cream and I love the aromatherapy benefits with this oil too! Can be found at all Clarin's counters. 
My Holy Grail for, around past 2 years.. after ending my love affair with La Mer. 
The Cle De Peau Gentle (For Dry Skin) / Nourishing (Combi-Oily Skin) Emulsion is something that I can use everyday without weighing my skin down. Its pretty light and I never break out with it. Yes its so, so pricey and I cant ever bring myself to justify the pricetag but I love it and it works well for my skin. One bottle lasts around a year and I alternate some other skincare with it too.
The Daytime version has SPF 23++ but I use a sunscreen on top of it. Its great if you are at home or will not be going under the sun for the day, though.
I use my cotton pad (from after using my toner/ eyecream/ clarins lotus oil) , press a pump of emulsion on it and pat it on my face. Follow by applying it on neck too. Truth is, this is a very basic lotion and I've read reviews online that bash it up pretty badly.. but mostly for the price lol! Its a good everyday lotion but I have quite ok skin so its perfect for me. If you notice .. I cant use serums alot as they tend to be too rich and break me out. So I find that my skin is best when I do away with typically very rich creams. 
Can be found at Cle De Peau counters.
I named this under the category 'Extras' - coz these are stuff that I use 3-4x a week :)
Its not part of my daily routine, but I do it pretty frequent so I just wanted to add it all in this post, too!
My SKII Skin Refining Treatment fights my blackheads extremely well! I saw a vast difference when I used it and when I didnt. Its quite drying, so I only use it on my nose area. 
I bought this a long time ago so Im not too sure if its still available at SKII counters.
Another item that I use is my Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet. (*sponsored product)
It softens my comedones and I find it effective when I use it together with my Biore pore pack. I got mine from
Biore Pore Pack is such a guilty pleasure! 
I do it for the fun of seeing my blackheads! LOL its soooo creepy but so gratifying to see it all out on the pore pack .. weird I know! You can get this from Watson's. 
A define must in any girl's skincare routine, this is the perfect way to moisturize your skin and de-stress at the same time! I find it such a happy time to sit there and do nothing except to perhaps read a book or listen to some music. Its so convenient with sheet masks and you can use it even when you are on the go!
I've been loving my new Beauty Clinic (*sponsored product), a 2 step face mask which is re-packaged from the popular Leader's Clinic range. I tried the Whitening Smart Laser mask and I have to use the ampoule before I put on the sheet mask. I do think that 2 step sheet masks are the newest fad now! The serum that comes with usually packs more punch and its really pretty good! 
My Beauty Diary (*sponsored product) has always been a long time favourite of mine, with its easy to use sheet masks and pocket friendly prices. Here I'm showing the new 2 Step Asia Masks and their regular masks. I particularly like their apple scented ones .. smells so yummy!
Hello Kitty edition
My Beauty Diary Masks can be found in Watson's.
Besides sheet masks, I use Laneige Water Sleeping Mask on lazy days or when my skin feels super dehydrated! This mask can be applied over the face and neck .. and you head off to bed! Do not wash it off, and no .. it doesnt stain the bedsheets lol! I used to use this so much when I was flying coz I would be so zonked out after a flight and would normally fall asleep with the mask on.
Can be found at all Laneige counters but I used to stock it up in Korea.
Another favourite cult product is the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (*sponsored item) I love this so much, I have purchased it out of my own pocket to stock it up and give it to friends. It clears the gunk in my pores and mattifys my face. However it is a little drying (as with all clay masks) so I sometimes end my DIY facial at home with a sheet mask to replace the moisture. I like how my skin turns a shade fairer after one application too! Amazing...!
Can be purchased at
Another buy from one of my US trips long ago is the Clarisonic brush. It vibrates and foams up my facial wash extremely well but it can be slightly harsh on my sensitive skin. I use it about 3-4x a week now and its better for my skin. I like the clean feeling I get after each wash .. and I use it for exfoliation - but it is a rather expensive gadget. And bulky! And I need to charge it from time to time. Fun item, nevertheless.
Can be purchased at Sephora stores.
When Im in a hurry and want to quickly exfoliate my skin in the shower, I use my Soap and Glory "Scrub your nose in it" facial scrub. I tend to concentrate on my t-zone as my cheeks are slightly more sensitive and should not be scrubbed too hard. This works wonderfully as a normal facial scrub or even a quick pick me up mask. Its tingly and smells of mint. Pretty refreshing too!
It is not as gentle as some high end brands, but it works ok on my skin and I am trying to finish it anyways! Lol. I apply it when I get into the shower and it acts as a clay mask too. After shampooing my hair etc, I apply some water and rub in circular motions. Then I simply wash it off. The price is extremely pocket-friendly and you can find it in Sephora stores.
I have been using the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Double Spot Solutions (*sponsored item) after I got this from my VanityTrove box last month. I use it on my pimple scars and red marks and I find it pretty effective! This is the trial size but really .. a small portion goes a long way! 
Can be found in Kiehl's stores.
The End 
I really hope that you have enjoyed taking a look in my everyday skincare routine! I switch the products from time to time and I believe most people do the same. Our skin changed with age, weather and even our state of mind might influence how our skin looks. So it is very important to examine your skin care once in awhile to keep it updated and always .. always throw out dated or expired items!
Skincare Do-s and Don'ts 
I hope you have a great week ahead everyone! 
Sorry for the slow updates here .. been busy with the festive period and then my holiday. But now Im back and raring to go! Will post more often .. promise xx! Thank you everyone for dropping by, I appreciate it all!
Tags to be replied later... Im rushing for yoga! 
Bye bye xoxoxoxoxo
Leaving you a huge ass no makeup no nothing on my face picture ~  Yes.. my lashes are permed! :))))
Hope I didnt scare you! Minnie mouse headband from Disneyland! I love it so much! xo

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  1. Your skin is really good! Did you break out when you started using clarisonic?

  2. Hello Angel! I didnt break out when I used the clarisonic, but my cheeks felt very sensitive and was red! I stopped using it 2x a day .. n changed it to 1x a day instead. N it became better :) Now i use it 3-4x a week, more for exfoliation purposes. :)

  3. Your skin looks so good without makeup!

  4. Hello Rachie! Thk u lol! Its the lighting i think! :p

  5. Hi there. Thanks for the valuable info on the products. Finally, I found someone that uses both the sk11 skin refining treatment as well as the laneige sleeping mask cause i have been wondering for a while now whether it's all right to apply the laneige's mask right after applying the skin refining treatment? Thanks a bunch!!


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