Our W Staycation Day 2

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Hi everyone! 
Its Saturday! Yay! My favourite day of the week ~ ahahahaha (as with everybody else!) Had dinner n party with the girls last nite and came home around 2AM and today I feel like my bones are BREAKING! Wah lau eh really old already! Last time can party until 5am also no problem. Now I sleep at 3am then next day super unproductive. Might need a nap later LOL
W Hotel Staycation Day 2
Here's the rest of our stay in Sentosa!
So the very next day we woke up bright and early to explore Sentosa. Although we have been here many times, I think its interesting how there is always something new to go to ever since the integrated resort started. But before we head there, we wanted to get some FOOD!
This fish so ugly but cute at the same time! 
Why the teeth like that one! Thats rabbit teeth what!
We drove to Siloso Beach Walk for brunch
It was a lovely day out at the beach!
We liked how close this cafe was to the beach and we could hear the waves lapping and children (and dogs!) playing on the sand. 
Lets head in!
Hungry us!
Very very deep in concentration checking out the menu
My cappuccino is here! Yay!
The hubs ordered a big breakfast! I see already I full~
Super tak glam + tam chiak look lol!
I had the eggs benedict! I love it!
We wanted to get to another part of the island, so we decided to take a ride there!
Im abit scare.......... I got height phobia one! 
Finally we made it to the other side!
I love love love museums! 
We bought tickets to Images of Singapore! 
A small museum that depicted the history of our local culture and  on the different races and customs of the people that lived in Singapore :)
Retro lorry
Forefathers : Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eursian
Signing of treaty 
Singapore was a JUNGLE in the past!
Coolie headquarters 
Fancy a trishaw ride anyone?
Streets in the early days 
Nonya heritage
Mini kebaya so cute!!!!!!!
It was a blazing day! So we went for drinks 
Let me check out the map of Sentosa ...
And head back to the other side!
Drove to the new Sea Aquarium!
Lotsa beautiful fishes!
The colours are amazing!
Wax figures
The hubs was fascinated with the place becoz he likes fishing and fishes so we spent a fair bit of time there that day. Wanted to have lunch there but the marine restaurant was fully booked!

Before we know it, it was time for a late lunch!
Headed back to the hotel ......
For a SWIM!
This little girl super cute.. her whole family in the water and asking her to join them but she sat there n sulked! Sooo cute!
I like the view of the hotel from the swimming pool!
But the best part is that there is a BAR there!

Lychee martini here I comeeee!
Lazed the rest of the afternoon at the pool :)
Soon it turned dark!
Headed out to Il Lido for a romantic dinner!
It was the weekend but the place was very quiet, with barely a few tables. 
I like the bread here! Nice warm n fluffy
The bubbly (by glass) was abit of a disappointment haha, not so nice one.. 
But hubby seems very happy with his beer :p
Amuse bouche - a cold soup that was pretty interesting but not really to my liking 
But this was delicious! 
My appetizer of crab, roe and mango was totally to die for. I really liked this alot and will order this again in a heartbeat.
The portion of  my hubby's Parma ham was huge too! 
Letting hubby try some, keke.
Then it was time for our main courses 
I had the Uni spaghetti which was quite interesting and pretty tasty except it was quite jelak after awhile! But a great night overall, the service was impeccable and it was a very quiet and private dinner for two.
Before we ended our night, we dropped by our lobby's Woobar for a nightcap!
Love love love the decor here 
I had a pina colada and we sat on the sofa and chatted alittle before retiring for the night
It was a lovely experience and staycation with the hubby! And it did feel like a holiday away from home but with the convenience of still being at HOME! I enjoyed myself and will not hesitant to do it again! But perhaps I would head for Capella the next time. W Hotel was good but there was a couple of hits and misses, overall. But still, its a very beautiful place and a job well done for the deco here.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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