The Pandora Valentine's Day Edition 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[Drool-worthy Pictures] So.. Valentine Day is coming! How are you spending it this year? If you are still undecided on what you want for a Valentine's Day pressie, perhaps you should take a look at my Pandora pictures below! They are sooo gorgeous, I still look at the pictures and SWOON!
This year, Pandora launched their Valentine's Day Collection set which includes the pavé hearts, pavé heart dangles, the Love Birds, I Do, and Love of My Life clips.  
Isnt it lovely? (sigh)
I was kindly invited by Pandora to pick out some items to customize my own bracelet (on loan) for this review so I headed down to the Raffles City branch. I have been there before, as you can read it here and my previous review : here. But this time, the PINK and DAZZLING charms totally stole my heart away!
I based my selection loosely on the one featured on their ads, but like with all Pandora bracelets - I decided to choose charms close to my heart! I chose my Zodiac sign (a doggy charm) and I also picked out some black pavé hearts in addition to the pink ones, becoz I love black. :)
I took these pictures at home, under natural light and its so pretty. 
The brilliance of the pavé charms come through subtlety and I had compliments when I wore it out during CNY. You can remove the charms based on preference and you can switch them around once you build up a small collections. Some of them are from a Limited Edition collection and are very popular with serious collectors all over the world!
If you look at it carefully, you can see that I picked out a Christmas socking becoz I love Christmas , and a horse shoe that represents good luck. The Doggy charm is my chinese zodiac sign, but yes I love dogs too!
Right in the middle of my bracelet is the Love Birds, which is a feature of the Valentine's Day edition and it represents yes.. you are right~ LOVE.
I added a Safety Chain (the dangling chain) so that my charms will not drop out if Im careless, this is unique to Pandora and I find it extremely useful. It helps that it is sooo pretty too!
This Dress charm reminds what a Shopaholic I am! 
And it reminds me that I probably have too many clothes at home too LOL
I love the mix of PINK and BLACK. Both of it are my favourite colours and the end result is a unique look of both sweet and edgy! I wear these colours alot in my daily outfits so it matched my clothes and look, seamlessly. There are Gold versions for those who are interested, but I recommend you going down to the shop and trying it on before you decide which looks best!
This set that I chose consists of a total of 18 charms and 01 basic bracelet - they cost SGD $1999/- in total. The bracelet alone is SGD $124 and the individual charms range from SGD $53- $124 each. It is a perfect gift for a very special someone and most people get the basic bracelet (either as a gift, or for themselves) and build up a unique and customized collection over time. 
Personally I love Pandora for its whimsical approach and how you can personalize your own exclusive bracelet. They are slightly expensive, but affordable if you buy a charm at a time. The bad thing about it is that it is so addictive and you catch yourself walking into the shop just to 'check' out new arrivals! 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and find them as pretty as I do! :D
Happy Valentine's Day to all!
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