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Saturday, February 16, 2013

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By looking at the picture below, can you tell which shape are you?
Im a Triangle-shaped, sadly .. but one thing is for sure! No matter what shape you are, not all of us might be as blessed or well-endowed in, ahem! That department! And what better way to enhance your figure naturally with Tokyo Bust Express? 
Tokyo Bust Express had kindly invited me to drop by their newest outlet at City Square Mall for a session recently, and I would like to share my experience and encounter here. 
The Outlet at City Square Mall
Upon stepping through the door .. this super chio bu picture greeted me! 
"When I grow up, I want to be just like her..!!" says everyone, me thinks.
The space is cosy and clean, and the girls there were extremely friendly to me.
Walking around the salon, I can see products on display.
I was given a floral tea when I got there, before I start my consultation session.
There's a lucky dip promotion going on too! I saw the Takashimaya vouchers and Im like.. woohoo! 
LOL, details for everyone later :)
Marketing Executive of Tokyo Bust Express Jiefang was so sweet to give me some lilies before I started my treatment! They smell like a dream ..
The Consultation 
Jiefang handed the consultation over to my therapist for the day, an extremely friendly Taylor who has an enviable figure herself! Lechers, stay away. Im a girl and I was in awe!
Keke.. jokes aside and we started the introduction to Tokyo Bust Express soon after
During this time, I learnt that Tokyo Bust Express will customize all treatments according to the condition and requirements each woman has. We are all unique, so our treatments should be too!
They are suitable for :
The less endowed who wants to enhance the size of their bust naturally.
Ladies with saggy and droopy breasts
Ladies who lost a cup size after weight loss
Unbalanced bust posture
Mothers who lost bust firmness and suppleness after childbirth
After Taylor's detailed explanation, I also realized that .. horrors of horrors! My boobs are small .. BUT SAGGY!  
Taylor being very serious here.. she's writing out my own customized treatment!
So here's a list of the treatment that I will be receiving 
As my small bustline is slightly saggy due to age (!!!) - I will be doing :
TT Bust Up
Bust Massage
The Treatment Room
I walked into a small but clean and comfortable room that is good for a single person. There are rose petals on the bed and floor, which did a great job in easing my tension. The personal lilies was a nice touch too :)
I changed into the pink robe and I took off everything (obviously...) but kept my jeans on.
I like the flower decals on the wall too!
And the flower blanket! I like most things floral too I guess!
After thoughts : My treatment took slightly over one and a half hour in total (excluding consultation). Taylor was extremely efficient and she was experienced and professional at the same time. The first thing she did was the scrub to prep my bust for the treatment later and it also exfoliated my skin at the same time. The TT Bust Up machine helps in toning and stimulate mammary glands to enhance and firm up the bust. Taylor also gave me a massage and although it was slightly ticklish, I would just let her know if its unbearable and she will stop accordingly! LOL, I think it was my first time, hence I had some getting used to. After the massage, I was given a Mask to relax in and I nearly fell asleep. This is like doing a facial, whereby you have the chance to catch some winks while the mask takes effect. Lastly, the treatment ended with a Suction therapy where two cups of suction was placed over my bust area and there was a 'stimulating' effect. Unfortunately my skin is so sensitive and I bruised alittle after the suction (but thats not common at all!) It went away after afew days but really, no pain at all! Its like someone pinched me slightly and left a mark. To be frank, the treatment did work becoz my bust was fuller after the treatment and this effect actually lasted for afew days! I could see the difference even when I was not wearing a push-up bra and I could feel a slight difference myself. After one consultation, I learnt more about taking care of my bosom and how wearing the correct bra and fit is equally as important as spending extra TLC on them This treatment is also great for women wanting to look their best on Eg, their wedding day or special anniversary etc, and also for women who feel that they prefer to enhance their assets in a natural and safe way instead of going under the knife.
Special FREE treatment for all Readers of Elaine73!
-Personalised Bust Analysis
-3x Bust Volumizer Treatments worth $1088
-Kou You Tender Decollete Masks worth $488
-Lucky Dip Chance to win $5000 worth of vouchers from Takashimaya/Fairprice/ Treatments 
Simply answer this question : 
Q: Which Outlet did Elaine receive her treatment from?
- City Square Mall
- Park Mall
- Square 2
To answer and win your free treatment : Please either,
1. Leave your details : Click Here!
2. Or, SMS [ETBE_FullName_NRIC_Answer] to 85330226
3. Or, call 62626161 with your answer
Terms and Conditions : 
Females above 18 years old and above only
Strictly by appointment only
Promotion valid for 2 months
While stocks last for prizes
So, good luck everyone! Take care :)
Tokyo Bust Express Website :
Facebook Page :
Locations : 
City Square Mall 
180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 S (208539)
Park Mall
9 Penang Road #11-06 S (238459)
Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central #03-32 S (556083)
Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 S ( 307506)

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  1. Already so pretty still need? whats to change in Perfect... :P

  2. Hahahha! Good frend! Next time treat u makan :p

  3. Hi Ladies,

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    Let's unite to make our voices known!

    Thanks :)

    Cheers, Admin

  4. Nice blog~~ My friend also went to tokyo bust express and reccommend me to go too. She signed up a program with them upon seeing results after her trial. I've booked an appointment with them too next thursday after coming across your blog. Seems interesting.


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