My Chinese New Year Afternoon with Babies

Friday, March 01, 2013

Hello everyone! Welcome to March!
Its the 1st day of the 3rd month into 2013 (what.. already!) and Im flying off to KL tomorrow morning so I wanted to post this real quick for the weekend.
CNY Gathering
Every year, my ex-colleagues and I have a quick catch up during the Chinese New Year where we drink, talk and spend some time together with all the kids!
Little Jake is the newest addition to our group so naturally, he's the star of the day!
He's so cute, and such a darling with his big bright eyes brimming of curiosity!
And he's an active little one! Running and crawling all over the house!
Wait Auntie Elaine catch you and kiss you then you know.
And doggy Mocha is jealous of Jake!
Love this pic! It was great fun that day!
Super hilarious picture here of Aunty Sharlene carrying Jake to dunno-where and his jie jie Kate is like, "Where are you bringing my brother???" We all had a great laugh over this scene!
It was fun seeing kids play together :)
"There are three ways to get something done: Do it yourself, employ someone, or forbid your children to do it." - Monta Crane
Hope you all have a great weekend too!
Its my dad's birthday today and Happy Birthday Daddy Woo!
Special Thanks to PrettyQuaint for my lovely accessories that day!
I matched the drop style earrings (my personal favorite look!) to my blue bohemian top!
The Package
Everything came perfectly packed and in an immaculate condition 
Cant help playing with bubble wrap! Hahaha!
I was torn between a few designs of earrings that PrettyQuaint has, but my lovely Instagram and Facebook friends help chose this pair and I absolutely love it!
Looks like a pretty flower :)
I also chose the Black Beauty Bracelet and it looks so mysterious and gorgeous!
Goes well with everything in my wardrobe too!
I chose a matching necklace (not worn in pictures above) but I wore it during Chinese New Year Day 1 and it was such a hit with my dress!
My lovely pieces! 
Accessories mean as much to me as clothes do, becoz I feel they could make such a statement and even if you wear something plain, you can always dress it up with accessories for a different look! 
There's a PrettyQuaint Facebook promotion now going on too!
The discount codes goes as follows : 
$1 off single purchases - loveprettyquaint 
$2 off for purchases of 2 items - prettyquaintparty
$3 off for purchases of 3 items & above - prettyquaint3off
Happy accessory shopping everyone! xo
Bye bye! xo

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