A Fishing Weekend in Rompin

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hi guys!
Im actually rushing to head off for a quick shower after yoga this afternoon coz we're catching the Kumar show at the Esplanade later! However, I wanted to post this first before I go :) 
We drove up to Rompin, Malaysia recently for a weekend of fishing (if you dun know by now .. my hubby is an avid fisherman.) Anyways it was a really short trip but I hope u enjoy the pictures!
Its a super laid-back small town and I didn't bring a single make-up item there! 
We got there in time for an early zi char dinner before we turn in for the night as we would normally wake up really early to head out to sea for fishing the next day.
Anyway I love love love Malaysian food! Super DELICIOUS!
The next day morning .... 
Off to fishing we go!
Weather was great
And we traveled out to the high seas 
Then something HUGEEEE came!
My first sailfish for the year! 
Hope I didn't scare you!
And a short video of me catching the sailfish filmed by my hubby! 
 Thanks for looking everyone! I got to go!
p.s No sailfish was harmed in the process
My hubby catching fish for me to eat! Lol!
Bye bye! xo
I'll be back to reply tags tonight, go watch Kumar show first! :D

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  1. Hey dear, my boyfriend also loves going on fishing and boating trip haha! Do you mind sharing about the boatman's details / pricing for offshore fishing?

    ♡ Jaslin from http://justjaslin.blogspot.sg/

  2. aiseh babe your arms muscles sooo sexy! and looks so fun leh!

  3. HiHi,

    WOW, Its Really a HUGE Fish !! Really Envy Your Skills ! ^^


  4. *envious* you're such a sunshine gal! Your life is like a rainbow...full of colours & happiness. By the way, you look fabulous without any makeup on. Great pics too =)
    xxx light

  5. OMG!! At first I thought you're holding a prop!! You got expertise manz! Oh so in the end you let the sail fish go? Hmmm....can never understand this logic of fishermen. =P

    Btw, you looked absolutely fabulous with no makeup and in your tank top!In fact you looked more beautiful and slimmer in real life. =)

  6. Wow! That's one super huge fish!! And no squirming on your part too.. If I were there, I prob scare the fish away. Hehe

  7. Hi Jaslin!
    Sure! Can u email me instead? :)

    Herine ahahhaa next time we go east coast and fish lor :p
    Catch ikan bilis kekeke

    Hello Michy thanks! XD

    Thank u Anon! U are too sweet :)

    Thks dear Kaori!! Kisses! xo

    Lady J hehee yes yes!! Its not my first time so I knew what to expect! :p


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