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Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Hello everyone! 
So a couple of weeks ago I posted my Detox regime (here) and shortly after, Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen sent me some to try! I decided to incorporate the drink into my daily Detox routine and also I would like to show you a quick and easy yoghurt recipe! 
Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink
Firstly, collagen is essential for not only beauty but with health too. 
The Bioflora Collabee drink contains Royal Jelly and Manuka Honey, and if you are on a diet, looking to shed some weight - collagen will actually speed up your metabolism rate!
In an easy, convenient bottle that you can drink up whenever and wherever you go!
As Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen drink only uses Manuka Honey as an au natural sweetener, this makes this drink a powerful immune system booster. The antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties can help improve the digestive system. 
Some information on Collagen : With Bioflora, it is recommended to drink one bottle every night for the first 3 months, and thereafter alternate night for maintenance. Collagen improves skin's elasticity and suppleness.
Collagen is a protein compound found in numerous parts of our body, including our skin, cartilage, bones, tendons and muscles. Many aging problems are a direct result of the body's inability to maintain adequate collagen. Bioflora Collabee 10,000mg low molecular weight collegen peptides improve the skin's elasticity and suppleness and helps to achieve a glowing radient & more youthful complexion.
*For women aged 40 years and above, its advisable to drink it every night to re-build skin, normalize immune system, improve bone and joint density and promote healthy skin, hair and nails. It also helps reduce oxidative damage to joints and stimulate reductions in joint-pain and tenderness and swelling.
**If you are expecting, please consult a doctor before you start on any supplement program.
I was also kindly given 2 trial bottles of Linden Honey and Acacia Honey to try!
Benefits of Linden Honey - Helps with insomnia 
Benefits of Acacia Honey - Helps with constipation and also helps improve blood circulation and detoxification of liver. For overal weekly detoxification, add one full lemon to either of the honey to 500ml plain water once you wake up! Add more honey if you want it sweeter!
The bottles are sooo cute! These are trial sizes, but a teaspoon a day is suffice! 
They are not only delicious on its own, but you can also add it to your food or drinks easily.You can use this to sweeten your warm/cold drinks instead of sugar with its natural sweetness from honey. Or spread it over toast or pancakes! The possibilities are endless with some imagination! 
My Quick and Easy Yoghurt Snack
I eat this in the mornings, before I head to yoga becoz its filling enough, yet it is not too heavy to eat before exercise. I also have this in the afternoons between meals coz its a healthier alternative to snacks. It takes only a minute to make and you can buy the ingredients from a supermarket and stock it up in your fridge! Perfect for busy ladies and mommies~!
What you need : An empty bowl
I mostly eat non-flavored plain yoghurt becoz you can add almost any fruit or cereal into it and it will taste great. Even when its plain .. its so delicious! 
You can get this in any supermarket for around $7 a huge tub. 
Greek yoghurt is also a great alternative if you  prefer yoghurt with a thicker consistency.
Pour some into bowl
A bottle of Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen next ...
Open the bottle 
And simply pour it in the yoghurt!
Add any kind of fruit you like - Here, I used Blueberries coz they are so delicious and full of antioxidants! If you dont wish to add the collagen drink, you can substitute by either using Linden or Acacia Honey! For fruit toppings,  you can also use strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or even mango, or sliced green/red apples. I topped off by adding a handful of organic cereal with nuts for a more satisfying taste! Its so yummy ~ I just cant stop eating!
This is just one of the many ways to enjoy collagen in our daily lives! 
Hope you enjoy this post of mine :)
To purchase the BioFlora Collabee Drink : 
Usual Online Price $78.80
Promotion Special : $70.40
Discount Code : Elaine

Cheers to healthy living everyone! 
Have a great week ahead xo
Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink tastes best chilled, so I place mine in the fridge! 
Bye everyone! 
Do try out the quick and easy yoghurt meal soon and let me know if you like it!
Special Thanks to Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen Drink! 
Im drinking mine now! xo
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