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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hello beautiful ones! 
Hahaha sorry I know I super corny right now coz I've been awfully busy (doing what I have no idea exactly) and have not been posting much! Do catch me in Instagram @ Sugar73 or Twitter @ Sugar7733 as I do daily updates there :) Its been a hectic first 3 months of the new year and I wanted to show some of the events that I went to with some of my friends!
I had the great opportunity to be invited to the sneak at the upcoming Savour 2013 (Click here : What is Savour?) where I met good friends and had the chance to try out delicious food with them!
"The SAVOUR concept remains the only one of its kind in Singapore; a relentless pursuit to unite the best in food and drink with a wide range of unique activities that is accessible to all."
That blur queen me brought my camera out that day .... but without SD card! 
So I had to make do with my Iphone 5 .. but thankfully, not too bad! 
Anyways .. let me take you through the Savour walk!
We were first divided into groups and our first stop was Mikuni Japanese restaurant, one of the participating presenters at the event! Look at this ~ steamed egg chawamushi in an egg shell! Their dishes are so unique .. I want to bring my hubby and family there one day!
Can you guess what are these?
Sashimi in a tin can! Totally innovative and uinque!
Paying homage to the fabled richness of authentic Japanese cuisine, diners will enjoy Mikuni's modern approach to traditional Japanese dishes. Highlighted by the chef's artisanal cooking deft and skills, this restaurant offers a robatayaki counter teeming with action-packed, Japanese style grilling, dynamic sushi, sashimi and teppanyaki stations, and a vibrant Sake Bar. Mikuni aims to fete connoisseurs of the fine art of Japanese cuisine with sheer epicurean indulgence.
I love the taste of the thinly sliced pork belly wrapped in leaves! Its so aromatic and I could almost feel it melt in my mouth .. and this was barely the beginning! I cant wait to personally try out this restaurant! *Note to self. Must-try dining place!
Moving on to the next stop ... 
Equatorial Wines presented a wine creation lesson where we had the chance to mix .. yes, mix our own personalized wines! So special~!
We were given 3 kinds of red wines - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.
As we each tasted the wine, we picked out which was our favourite, followed by least preferred.
An empty wine glass to create my own unique wine
Say, if I preferred the Merlot - I add 50% of Merlot into my empty wine glass. Followed by perhaps 25% of  the Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% of Shiraz! 
And there you have it! My own wine mix!
The 3rd stop was a familiar brand name .. Phoon Huat!
For you home bakers out there... This is a place to get all your baking suppliers!
One of their latest products : The Shake and Bake!
Bridal Barbie anyone? (Abit freaky looking to me .........)
Then I saw rows and rows of cupcakes!
And we could design some here!
Im a lazy baker .. I dun really like to design cupcakes coz tired la! Hand very sour, but do one can la. :p
Ji serious yi xia~
Ooops careful .. careful!
And here's my creation! :D
Moving on to Tiramisu-s now!
Helmed by Nespresso's in-house chef, we created our own Tiramisu!
Using the coffee espresso shots! Sooooo nice smelling and delicious!
You need Mascarpone Cheese .. lots of it!
Lets start with an empty container
Mascarpone cheese
Layer the cheese in
Here's me
Everyone having fun!
Add sponge cake layers or ladyfinger cookies (if u wish)
Add it in after dipping them n soaking it in a huge bowl of coffee mix
Layer more mascarpone cheese
And you get your own Tiramisu!
Adding some cocoa powder n coffee chocolate beans!
I got to bring it home! 
It was so yummy the next day with Nespresso coffee! (I had it for tea time hehehe)
Nespresso was also serving the Roman Espresso Martini!
The coffee smell was so aromatic ~ and so so delicious as a martini drink too!
I personally have a Nespresso coffee machine at home so I cant start to tell you how addictive it is to make yourself a cuppa coffee and kick back your heels to enjoy it!
My lovely friend, Dixie and I with our martini drinks by Nespresso! 
Walking to the next pit stop ....... Jason's the gourmet grocer!
The selection of cheese they have is astounding! 
Their in-house cheese expert explaining the different flavours and characteristic of each type of cheese.
Whats your favourite?
I like the Walnut ones ... and the soft kind of Brie! :D
Lastly we came to Sodastream!
Okie. This machine made me very impressed. 
This device allows users to take ordinary tap water and carbonate it to create soda water (or carbonated water) to drink. With the addition of one of over 100 different types of concentrated syrups and flavorings produced by Sodastream, owners can create carbonated beverages.
I saw this on Tatler magazine previously and I thought what an ingenious idea it is! 
The young demonstrator shows us how easy we can turn iced tap water into sparkling water! 
I think I need this in my house! 
I need to go dig out their name card and buy one now ......
Anyways .. before I go grab the Sodastream namecard lol ~ Thank you Savour 2013 and Crowd for having me! It was utmost fun and I had a fabulous time catching up with all the lovelies at the event :)
Thank you for the lovely door gift - its perfect for my coffee breaks in the afternoon!
Have a great week you all!
For more information - please go to :
Celebrate the all-new Gourmet Village, and get up close and personal with celebrity star chefs as they demonstrate their cooking skills and be inspired by the culinary delights found at the event! The SAVOUR Premier Pass is priced at $45 (Lunch Session) and $65 (Dinner Session), inclusive of Savour Dollars to buy food and drinks at the Gourmet Village, and produce at the Gourmet Market. Extended opening hours at the Gourmet Village and Gourmet Market means a combined total of 7 more fun-filled hours to spend at Savour 2013. To purchase : Click here! Event runs from 11-14 April 2013.
Take care! 
Abit blur picture .. same as me blur queen who forgot her SD card in her camera. Le sigh.
I'll be back to reply tags tomorrow! Off to bed now Zzzzz!
Thank you all for dropping by love xo

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