Essensuals Bugis to my hair rescue!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the new week and its Good Friday and Easter Sunday coming up soon and Im excited! 
Will be flying off to Hongkong for a short sweet holiday with hubby & friends so I'll be hardworking and I'll post more before I leave. Im on Twitter @ Sugar7733 and Instagram @ Sugar73 so do catch up with me there if you haven done so yet! Instagram is a-wesomeness! Haha! Anyways I wanted to show my hair experience with Essensuals Bugis again! Its my 2nd time there already, but do check out my first post if you haven seen it yet! : Here :)
So .. previously I had purple and pink streaks after nearly a lifetime of dying my hair blond brown ~
But I do a lot of hot yoga and wash my hair so often ... the color had started to fade a little
Its time for a FRESH NEW DYE JOB I reckon!
Let's head down to ...
Happy is me!
Cant wait to do something to my hair!
Bombard you with my straw hair first.. can??
My stylist is Isabel, a really awesome cute girl and we talk non-stop whenever I meet her!
She has to lighten my black hair roots first
Thats all my new hair growth and bye bye ugly roots!
Truthfully ... I didnt feel so resentful of my black hair this time round as it was not as obvious as compared to the times when I had blond hair. :)
It was a HOT day! I wore my kitty flats for utmost comfort!
Had to bring my big old laptop to the salon to blog! Did I mention that Essensuals Bugis has free wifi all day long for customers? Sibeh shiok ahh!
Crazy woman on the loose. Beware.
An alien on my head! 
After the alien has done its thing on my hair .. I headed to the sink area for a rinse
This is my view! I get to see the beautiful Wella models on tv over and over again. I want their hair!
Rinse rinse rinse
The hair assistant is sooo sweet la! She put blanket over me while I wait for my hair to be done
Another quick step
Need to make sure that my hair color is uniformly colored 
Treatment time and a quick hair massage and rinse!
Taa-dahhh! Blow dry time!
I cant wait to see my new hair color!
I wanted something pink .. and red 
(Im beginning to really love RED HAIR!)
Monkey-ing around
Woo hooooo~
Oh wait. I need to continue my post ....
Look at my curls! All hand blown to PERFECTION!
Voluminous .... Repeat after me : "The higher the hair, the closer you are to heaven."
About done ....
Look .....
Say pouf
Thank you Essensuals Bugis
Been getting compliments for my red pink hair everywhere I go now! Love it! 
I didnt wash my hair the next day .. but look at the shine!
I upped the color contrast a bit here ..
Under sunlight
Love it!
A week later -
Thanks everyone for dropping by!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Need to head to the shower after yoga this morning! 
Will be back real soon xx
Winner for the Peter Pan Collar Necklace is NAOMI! Congrats and I've contacted you via email. :)
Thank you all for joining the giveaway .. love u! xo

Special Thanks to Essensuals Bugis!
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Opening Hours :
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Take care! Lotsa love xx

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  1. Hi gal! I love your top that u wear for the hair salon shots! may I know where to get them?

  2. Hello Shirley! Thks but this top was a really old piece that i found when I spring cleaned! I believe its from Osmose (think Tampines century sq and far east plaza can find this brand)


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