My HongKong Lesbo Trip

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hello everyone!
I finally got down to doing up my HongKong peektures (while my hubby is currently on a business trip!) and its too much joy doing this quietly at home and listening to music. Looking at the pics also brought back many fun memories! Too much champagne, oysters and laughter the whole time - Amazing.
Hongkong Day 1
So I headed to Hongkong last month with my good friend Lesbo Wendiiken (She's on instagram @ wendiiken too!) and we wanted it to be really pink, fun and disneyland. 
It was a rather early morning flight so both of us are stoned, tired and in need of coffee. Lots of it!
We got separated coz it was a pretty full flight but we were not the only one! I wonder whats wrong with Cathy's seating .. lots of passengers got all single seats and everyone was telling the stewardesses that they are not seating together. But anyways. Its a short one so its okie for us. :)
My breakfast on board! 
I do like porridge lol!
Not seated together but still can camwhore thankyouverymuch #truestory
We got there in the afternoon and off we zip to the hotel!
My champagne for the trip!
Cant wait!
Hongkong ~ Can u hear us coming???
Sheraton Kowloon once again!
Room was comfy!
A good amount of space - given that this is .. Hongkong! 
Unpacked my bubbly first thing (Read : Alcoholic)
Then I totally forgot about my Hello Kitty snacks that I wanted to share with Lesbo!
Alamak. She got MORE Hello Kitty than me 
But but but .... ALL FOR ME..!!!!!!! *Jumps wildly*
Sho sweet my lesbo - in the end we created our own Hello Kitty mama shop 
And a life-sized Hello Kitty, la.
Anyways we bought the Disneyland tickets from the hotel itself!
We changed and went out for FOOD!
Sweet Dynasty 
Dumpling noodles!
Hungry gurls ~
Ordered some dim sum too!
I was still quite stoned xx
Took the MTR
From Tsim Sha Tsui ~
To Mong Kok - Argyle Shopping Center!
See all the shopping and forgot to take pictures already... *insert guilty face*
Until night falls and we had craving for dessert!
I remember coming here with my BFF (Also called Wendyyyy!) years ago..!
But always .. always end up ordering the same thing!
Tell me. Is this not HEAVEN.
We went back to the hotel, threw our shopping bags down and changed into something more glamorous! For lesbo date night!!!!
All black .. heh. 
As we stayed at the Sheraton, we headed upstairs to the Oyster & Wine Bar!
Excited and thirsty! 
The last time I was here, we celebrated Cindee's birthday so that was alot of lovely memories and fun :)
Cant wait to order!
The view, as usual .. was nothing but fabulous!
At Oyster & Wine Bar, you get to personally pick your oysters! They will even explain the place of origin and its texture and taste before you decided which ones you prefer.
Complementary warm bread .. quite yummy.
My pwretty lesbo love xoxo
Starting off dinner with a BANG! 
(Thats actually amuse bouche keke)
Beef consomme 
We also ordered a bottle of G.H Mumm to share!
Yippppeeee my fav fav fav~!
And with my beautiful partner for the night!
What more can I ask for??
Slurps ~
You must order the crab cake here!
Eat it while its hot!
We shared the snapper coz we were too full by then! Lol
So the night ended with lotsa talk, laughter .. some happy tears and two girls wild in Hongkong! (While our poor thing husbands are back home .. working lol) Spent the evening talking til the restaurant closed and felt like old times once again when we talked late in the night. :)
Leaving you a pic of my chio lesbo! xo
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! 
Sending you lots love xx
Up next soon ~ Our Hongkong Day 2 in Disneyland!

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  1. the only reason I'm tempted to head to hkg is Disneyland! Damn can't wait for your post!

  2. Yes i think u should go Disneyland!!! Its so fun ~!!!! U will LOVE it! hehehe!


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