Vichy Bi-White Med Media Event

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello everyone!
Right after doing my Minnie Mouse nails - I headed to the Vichy Bi-White Med Event at Paris Baguette
Vichy Bi-White Med Media Event
Discover Vichy DRM-WHITE technology, the most global Whitening Technology for pure translucent skin. Based on a scientific breakthrough presented at the World Congress of Dermatology, that directly targets dark spots, dull complexion, yellow skin tone, irregular skin texture, red patches and dryness patches. Always one stage deeper in knowledge and efficacy, Vichy’s Bi-White Med protects the skin from pollution and stress and has been trusted and recognized for its deep whitening efficacy by millions of women and pharmacists. Today, 200 Bi-White products are sold every hour and are now women’s complexion best allies.
Obligatory huge ass picture of yours truly. (Bear with me.)
I've been to the Paris Baguette in New York but do you know that it originated from Korea? Despite its French sounding name lol
Had a cute small gift once I sat down!
It was near dinner time ~ and lotsa of drool worthy pastries on the table for us!
Baby croissants 
Yums ...
This Bacon wrap was da bomb.
My faithful companion Minnie with the number card ...
And shortly after, my refreshing orange juice is here!
Show you a pic with all the lovely girls that night ... we sat together and it was so FUN!
The Introduction 
We were introduced to Vichy's latest Bi-White Med range of products 
The VICHY BI-WHITE MED deeply whitens and detoxifies :
Dark Spots
Dull Complexion
Yellow Skin Tone
Irregular Skin Texture
Red Patches
Dryness Patches
Trying on the products
(Erm.. ya I know all u see is our food on the table.. hehee!)
Do you recognise this? Its Vichy's top selling Eau Thermale!
A highly concentrated water with 15 mineral salts and trace elements, to soothe the skin and reinforce the skin’s natural protective function. Recognized by the French Academy of Medicine for its soothing properties, it is an essential complement to any skin care regimen.
One of my must-haves! 
I spray this on my face before I put on my makeup application & it really makes my foundation look dewy 
Now lets take a look at the Bi-white Med products
Deep Corrective Whitening Essence
Deep cell whitening essence is boosted by LHA to penetrate deep down in the epidermis and depigment cells. New whitening complex enriched with a natural extract controls the biological signal of melanin synthesis in even deeper layers to target pigmentation at its source. Skin recovers an intense flawless luminosity.It is tested on Asian sensitive skin under dermatologist control.
Trying some on my hand
Vichy Bi-WHITE MED Day Cream
A new formula highly concentrated in active ingredients penetrating deep in the skin, reaching the fibroblast down in the dermis, to correct the 6 complexion flaws thus bringing the broadest results. BI-WHITE MED combine for the first time the whitening power of traditional Peony with the protective strength of natural oils, and thus provide 24h extended protection against pollution and stress and as well as quicker results on the quest for ideal skin.  Enriched in white peony, and Balance oil - they provide extended efficacy and allow you to reach unprecedented results from the 1st week when used in routine with the Essence.
Vichy Bi-WHITE MED Night Cream
The Vichy Bi-White Reveal Double Corrective Whitening Night Cream uses a special bio-assimilated Ceramide formula that that has double efficacy and inhibits the production of melanin to reduce skin darkening. This darkening could be caused by sun exposure or aging, and the cream works well for both cases. The LHA exfoliates and remove the dead skin cells accumulated on the surface to bring out the new skin cells. The skin looks fresh, radiant and visibly transformed within a few weeks of application, as the new skin cells impart a fairer glow.
The New Ceramide White controls cellular signals and reduces the production of melanin, which is the real cause for darker skin. The LHA offers perfect skin whitening and the cream has an effective formula that penetrates the skin well because of the active ingredients added. It has a great consistency that makes it easy to apply and does not produce any oxidized sebum.
 - Perfect skin whitening formula
 -Easy to apply night cream with the perfect consistency
- Exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells
- Controls the production of melanin and makes the skin naturally fairer and even toned
I had the opportunity to bring some of the products home so I'll do a detailed review later :)
The Event
Here's my friend Herine and I acting like commercial girls! Spraying Eau Thermale on our faces! LOL!
Ahahah~ we damn nonsense I tell u. 
Look at my scare-but-want-to-laugh, yet look constipated face. #Fail
We each got a sweet handphone chain! 
Rusty's initial one (the leaf) was loose, but the kind people at Vichy gave her another one - so she passed me this! (Coz I had the clam aka sea hum *sob*) Hahaha!
Meet my pal, Minnie.
Thanks Fidelis for the lovely invite, babe! Miss u!
With the girls! Joyce and Rusty ~
And cutie pies Herine & Verlyn!
Sweet Maybelline and Fidelis ~
So glad we all sat together~!!  Waaaay too much fun that evening!
Thankful to always meet lovely (and so, so pretty!) people! xo
Thank you Vichy for the wonderful time, too!
Do visit them at for latest information and updates :)
Take care!
Review below !
Got to bring home some to try!
The Review
The products came nicely in a 1930s theme retro box! How thoughtful~
When I opened it, I wasnt surprised to see the best-seller : My favourite thermal water spray!
* Night cream was unavailable at that point of time
Bi-White Med Eau Thermale Spray Review : I love this becoz its so convenient and I use this on my face all the time. The spray is very fine and I heard that mummies use this to soothe baby's skin from nappy rash! As that is a pretty expensive alternative... (lol), I would very much prefer spray my face instead! Great for our humid weather and when you wish to refresh yourselve without messing up your makeup. 
$19.90 for a pack of 3 at Watson's.
Bi-White Med Essence Review : This essence is pretty light for both day and night use and there is no sticky-after feel at all. I like the scent (Peony) and I find it refreshing for day, and calming for night. With its mother of pearl extracts, this brightens my skin complexion when applied. But I personally have oily combi/dry sensitive skin so I always apply serums/essences sparingly. Thankfully this did not break me out when I used it 3x a week. Goes well under the cream due to its light consistency. 
Retails at $82.
Bi-White Med Day Cream Review : I really liked this! The cream is quite gel-like instead, so it absorbs instantly and there was no sticky after-feel at all. Even when I used the Essence in conjunction with the cream, they did not feel 'heavy' at all. The cream penetrated my skin almost immediately and my (drier) cheek area felt moisturized. The only thing that bugged me was the tub packing (not a fan of dipping fingers into ANYTHING.) but I have spare spatulas lying around the room so it was perfectly ok with me in the end ~lol. Retails at $59, Night cream retails at $69.
Overall Review :
I love the technology and use of spring water in all the Vichy products. 
All their products comply with safety charter:
+ Effectiveness tested under dermatological control
+ Tested on sensitive skin
+ Contains fortifying and soothing Vichy Thermal Spa Water
+ Allergy Tested
This is important to me as I have slightly sensitive skin and tend to react to very strong formulas. This range is excellent for younger mid-twenties to thirties ladies who want a whitening regime, yet do not want the product to feel too 'heavy' on their skin. The spray is a daily routine for me (before makeup application) and I find the gel-cream excellent for our humid weather. You can apply your makeup right after becoz the products absorb quickly in skin. Price-wise, it is slightly more expensive than the other drugstore brands but I would not hesitant to purchase if there is a discount going on. (eg Promotional price/ Watson's member discount etc) A full range will set you back to around $200, which frankly .. is still cheaper than most brands found in departmental stores. 
Vichy is available at Watson's, Guardian & Unity and they have a Vichy flag-ship at Ngee Ann City Watson's and Paragon Guardian ~ which are first in Asia!
VICHY has a gift-with-purchase promotion (While stocks last) - special edition Parisienne umbrella with purchase of Vichy Bi-White Med Essence and Day Or Night at selected Watson's, Guardian and Unity stores. Do check them out soon!
Leaving you a super funny pic we took in the cafe! Lets see things differently :D
Hope you had fun reading my review! Back soon! xo

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