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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello everyone! 
A brand new week lies ahead and I would like to being you back to an event that I attended recently - organized by DHC to showcase their latest anti-aging series called the Kakonjuka Range. 
Trust DHC, the #1 direct skincare company in Japan, for more beautiful skin. With a legacy of over 30 years in Japan creating high-quality products based on the natural benefits of olive oil, DHC is here to help you achieve more radiant skin. We use effective ingredients that are tested and true, without adding unnecessary coloring agents or irritating fragrances. Our line achieves an ideal balance to help bring harmony to any skin type.
Held at Cookyn - Bringing Fun to Cooking : A fun cooking studio where we would usually have a great time learning new recipes and creating dishes on our own! Im excited!
Upon reaching the nicely decorated studio .. I saw all the DHC products on display and they are some of my favorite products too! Have you seen them before? 
The star of the night
I love the presentation of all the products! Sooo pretty!
Some of lovely blogger friends were all there already! Darling Verlyn and I..
Dear Yijing and me! I feel so happy to see them coz I know that its going to be a great night!
It wasn't long before DHC's Beauty Advisor from Japan - Ms Kimiko Ikeda began to do a presentation with DHC's new aniti-aging products : The Kakonjuka Range
Introduction to Kakonjuka 
Sayonara, fine lines. Like nothing you’ve tried before, this all-natural skincare set boasts a rich, serum-like toner; milky booster; and deeply hydrating cream—all featuring six nourishing Asian botanicals (maitake mushroom, Platycarya strobilacea, great burnet, purslane, reishi mushroom and licorice). This set promotes collagen for firmer skin and fewer visible fine lines. Kakonjuka means “flower, root, tree, fruit” in Japanese. Free of irritating added colorants and fragrance, the mushroom hue and heady natural aroma emanate from earthy antioxidant-rich botanicals—used for centuries in China, Korea and Japan—that plump and hydrate your complexion. Skin looks younger, smoother and more radiant.
Right after the presentation, we wasted no time getting down to COOKING!
More of my fabulous blogger friends! Here's sweetie Fidelis and me
Hahahah thats how we do a #Selfie..!
More pretty babes ~ Jermaine, Jacelyn and me
Regina, Karen were there too :D
Wore my CHEF hat!
We were told to have a partner for the cooking session ... so here's my nonsense lao rocker!
(She say herself one!)
A quick demonstration by the experts 
Listening attentively
All the food prepared for us
And its our turn!
Lets go!
For our first dish .. we are doing the Baked Buttery Mentaiko Ramen in Parcels
Please arh dun droolz in my bowl...!
The end result
Stirring ...
Quite excited to try it out later!
We will be baking it so now we are putting it in parcels 
Here's mine
Making sure its nice and tight
This is my initials ..... 
And now everyone calls me EWwwwwww.. #Fml
Next on the menu .. Sushi yay my favorite!
All wearing gloves and getting ready to ROLL!
And this is my (ugly) creation! LOL!
Soon my ramen was ready! Noms noms noms~
Let's not forget about dessert shall we!
Super duper healthy and yummy! All my favorite kind of food! 
Yogurt . blackberry.. mochi balls.. konnyaku jelly cubes + collagen from DHC!
Cookyn had also kindly prepared MORE desserts! Well.. what do u do when u are in a room full of beauty bloggers and girls .. 
Eat up!
Thanks DHC for having us ..! We really had a wonderful time that evening ~
I had the wonderful chance to bring DHC's latest anti-aging Kakonjuka Range back for a review. Here's a closer look at the packaging and products.
This all-natural skincare set boasts a rich, serum-like toner; milky booster; and deeply hydrating cream, all featuring 6 nourishing Asian botanicals (maitake mushroom, Platycarya strobilacea, great burnet, purslane, reishi mushroom and licorice). 
This set promotes collagen for firmer skin and fewer visible fine lines.
I like how DHC emphasizes on the quality of their products so much that each individual box has a seal and do always make sure that your seal is not broken before you purchase the item!
Love the colour!
The Lotion 
This range has a slightly herbal smell without any additional fragrance and no coloring, hence expect a darker, slightly brownish tint in the lotion.
The Essence
This serum has a milky texture and it absorbs quickly into the skin. 
The Cream
Each tub comes with a protective cover 
You might a whiff of the herbal smell once you remove the cover, but after awhile I got used to the smell. Moreover, I realized that the smell dissipated after I warned up the cream in my hands so it shouldn't be a cause of worry at all. In fact I kinda liked it after awhile lol!
Review: I like the packaging of the products and the sizes are good for travel and it's light too. The products are targeted for anti-aging concerns but I find them light and it absorbs easily into my skin within seconds. I have oily-dry combination skin but I didn't find it very oily at all, as most anti-aging products would be. I also think that most Japanese brands have a lighter consistency as compared to the European brands. It is excellent for our humid weather in Singapore but if you have extremely Dry skin, you must include the Essence in your skincare routine. I would recommend using the products in the night - and if you are using it for the Day, do remember to use a Sunscreen after as this range does not include SPF. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Take care! xoxoxo
DHC's Kakonjuka Lotion retails at Watson's for $39.90, Essence $48 and Cream $44.90, respectively.
For more info please head to DHC Website :
Watson's Twitter :
Watson's BeautyPlayground :

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