Breakfast Bonanza at Kungfu Paradise

Friday, April 19, 2013

[Food-tasting Review] Hello everyone! The weekend is nearly here and speaking of weekends .. it reminds me of leisurely breakfasts .. where you enjoy a good fulfilling meal with great conversations with loved ones. So some weeks ago, when my friend Verlyn and Herine invited me to join them at for a Breakfast Bonanza at Kungfu Paradise in Bugis+, I couldn't hesitate much longer!
Located at a very convenient location, Bugis+ is a 5 minute walk away from Bugis MRT and this mall is big, airy and there are so many shops here to choose from. I like this place also becoz its a stone throw's away from my regular nail & hair salon in Bugis Village and I always end up shopping before I go home! Kungfu Paradise is a fun and simple East-meets-West concept that does not charge GST or Service Charge .. quite incredible! *save money alert*
Cant wait to check out their menu!
Hello .. my makan kakis!
When I saw the menu , I found the food choices appealing becoz they have such a huge range of food to cater to the young and the young-at-heart. And they are opened til midnight daily!
Similar to a HongKong style cha-chan-teng, Kungfu Paradise serves meals like French Toast, Spaghetti, Luncheon meat with Instant Noodles and even breakfast sets like the Omelette and Eggs Benedict. Their Beverages include Hongkong Milk tea, Yuan-Yang (Tea & Coffee mix) to Cappuccinos! 
Lets start ordering ... shall we!
Our huge chopsticks and fork & knife! LOL!
I chose the Egg Benedicts for my breakfast choice that day!
While we wait for our food .......
Lets goof around and take pictures!
My much needed Cappuccino is here! Yay!
Soon the food started arriving ...
They look sooo delicious ~ And Im feeling hungry looking at all the pictures! Alamak...
The majority of us ordered from the Breakfast Bonanza Menu as it is the latest promotion valid from now til 30th April!
And here is mine! Yums! Look at the oozing egg .... Drool much.
The pictures look so lovely dun they .. but here is what u dun see! Bloggers taking and taking pictures one after another! LOL~!!
But we had alot of fun that morning and we ended up chatting even when the rest went about their daily program! Thank you Kungfu Paradise for the wonderful meal and thanks for hosting it! xoxo
Final Review : I enjoyed the casual dining theme and the food offered is pretty much suitable for large groups as they carry a large variety of East and West types of meals. I think it is a restaurant best for a family outing or a simple dinner with friends or schoolmates as the prices here are also extremely pocket-friendly. The portions here are just about right and I would recommend light-eaters to share among the group. Kungfu Paradise also offers an extensive a-la carte menu such as the Truffle Fries, Flying Kungfu Wings, Kungfu French Toast in addition to the popular Steamed Lava Custard Buns with a delicious molten center of salted egg custard. But most importantly, Kungfu Paradise does not charge GST or Service Charge - and that is a huge factor for me to patronize the place again. I will go back for light bites in the afternoon for a cup of HongKong style milk tea while I rest my legs for more shopping! 
Hope you enjoyed the food pictures! Im off to dinner but I'll be back soon!
Have a great evening and take care!
Special thanks to Kungfu Paradise and!
Back to reply tags soon! Love.
For more info : Kungfu Paradise Website
Kungfu Paradise Outlet Locations : Outlet Locations
OpenRice Website :
Location of Kungfu Paradise in Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
#01-13 Bugis+
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6884 7375 (Kungfu Paradise does not accept reservations)
Business Hours
Mon – Thurs
11.00am – 2.00am (Last order 1.30am)
Fri/Sat/Sun and Eve of PH
11.00am – 4.00am (Last order 3.30am)
Special Promotion Exclusively for ANZ & PGR members: Enjoy 50% off the 2nd breakfast item from Kay the KungFu Boy’s All-New Breakfast creations!

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