Celebrating three birthdays at a dinner

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello everyone! Have you watched Iron Men yet? 
Im off to watch it later but first uppppp ... can I just post about my friend's JX birthday recently? :)
The hubby bought a live fish down to the restaurant earlier in the day so we could have flat fish sashimi that evening for dinner ..!
So pretty! 
Kudos to our chef Teppei .. most definitely.
Cant wait to eat la!
Itadakimasu everyone ... いただきます~!
Our dinner dates!
(Pic from Instagram)
Whats a party without DRINKS...! 
*Cough* Gerald .. whyyyy gerald... YUNO drink??
But I sure drink!
In fact .. I drink AND camwhore 
(Whats new)
Now the flat fish is served deep-fried!
Very happy la! Eat eat eat
But soon ... a small VIP arrived!
Chef's son!
I went to play ball with Koki!
"When I grow up ... "
The star .. everywhere he goes!
Birthday girl and baby K's birthday falls within the same week!
Then suddenly ...
Chef's special sashimi cake for the birthday girl!
With a candle in the middle!
So cute and yummy at the same time!
But wait ......
There is ANOTHER cake!
With MORE candles this time round lol!
And then ...... Another CAKE! Yes .. 3 in total!
3 cakes and 3 birthdays! All within the same week ~
Here's a pic with birthday girls YW, JX and a baby birthday boy Koki-chan!
(Pic from Instagram)
Cheers to all of u!
Drink upppp!
Baby K ... u want to drink beer in a bowl too????
(Yes! He took a sip *sweat*)
And lastly ... Whyyyy Geralddddddd
*private joke*
Such a fun night with the peeps! Ended the night laughing and laughing even when dinner ended ~
JX .. I wish you happiness, love and alot, alot of shopping forever! xoxoxo
Crazy bunch of fun friends we have. 
"Friends buy you food. Good friends eat your food"
The next day .... 
Looks at mirror ......... *YUSOooo fat leh~ elaine woo*
Stay happy! xo
Leaving you a picture of a (tired) koki-chan! 
Hahaha! I play with him I also tired dao.
Off to have dinner and Iron Men later! Woohoooo!

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  1. hi there! i love the pics in your blog! can you share the camera u r using and the tips for such beautiful photos?


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