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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy mid-week! 
I've been working on this post .. like forever~! LOL. Been too busy dunno doing what these days.. trying to take things a little easy, yet I really need to start on all my backlogged posts. I have a ton of pictures from my recent Hongkong trip and I had so much fun there, - I cant wait to edit the photos and write about it. I love documenting my travels, buys and things I love in this small little space and I feel happy when I see pictures of my friends & I :) Thank u all for dropping by too - I do appreciate it very much! And so I digress. Heehee.
Recently I was invited to the Dermal Therapy Media Launch and to be really honest, I have not heard of this brand prior to the event. But this is one thing I really love about being a blogger .. getting to know new people, new products and trying them out! 
Dermal Therapy provides a diverse range of urea based therapeutic skin and foot care products. The products have been developed with Advanced Active Technology, clinically proven to deliver relief from dry, cracked and irritated skin.
#LOTD - Curled my hair and wore a little black dress (had another event that evening!)
Held at Red Dot Museum, I was anticipating having a jolly good time with my fellow beauty blogger & friend Verlyn at the launch of Dermal Therapy as we were also both pretty curious to find out more about the brand and its products.
I've walked past this cafe a couple of instances but its my first time inside.
Two girls on a mission!
Walking in, we saw the range of products by Dermal Therapy.
Its professionally recommended for chronic dry skin and suitable for all, even young children.
Cant resist taking a picture .. haha!
The session was led by Class 95's DJ Yasminne, who, on a side note - has beautiful hair!
With media personnel and fellow bloggers alike, listening attentively 
After a brief introduction to the brand, Amit Saha, the Group Technical Manager of LaCorium Health further explained the products efficacy through clinical studies. 
Here he is, holding one the the brand's most popular products 
(and also the one that I'm most interested to try!)
I suffer from extremely dry skin (genetics) and I often have cracked heels.
Going through the press release - filled with abundant information on the products!
I couldnt help but to try out the Lip Balm too!
It has Menthol which leaves a cooling sensation to dry chapped lips like mine 
Dermal Therapy even had a mini lucky draw that day ~ so cute!
Mr Amit picking out he winners .......
And guess who won the first prize !!!!
Congrats Ver ~!! I was so excited when they called her name lolololo!!!!
That was not all , we had a nice break after 
It started to pour outside so we decided to grab some food and hang out 
Love my greens but I think too much dressing here! :p
Besides the buffet, guests was treated to a mini pampering session!
We had to try it out too!
Saw my friend Katherine!
And it was our turn soon :)
Ahhhhh ~ heavenly!
Soon the rain stopped and we had to leave soon to head to our second event that evening
But pretty excited to try out the products!
Review below!
The Review 
Intense Hydrating Lotion
I really like this lotion! Its not your run-in-the-mill, smell great but not very hydrating type of lotion. But most importantly I like that its not oily or sticky after use. It has quite a clinic smell to it, but it really help my extremely dry skin to regain moisture. Thumbs up.
Gentle Hydrating Wash
This wash is perfect for the whole family to use as it can be used in the shower, bath or basin. It does not strip your skin dry and I would recommend it for people with eczema. Great for children too as their skin are very delicate and might not be suitable to use products with fragrances.  
Lip Balm 
This one I immediately use during the event lor! LOL. I have extremely dry lips and sometimes they end up being chapped becoz Im too lazy to apply lip balm. This is extremely moisturizing, and I really like how it is not oily. Non-fragrance, and can be used under lipstick.
Nail Magic
I would love to use this product because I do have dry & discolored nails due to my love for painted nails. However, this product is recommended to be used on naked nails so I will wait til I remove my nail color, then apply. 
Heel Balm
This is extremely good for heels, elbows and knees! So so rich and moisturizing, I use it sparingly on my elbows and the results are great. My skin doesnt feel so rough after application. Good for men with extremely dry skin, too.
Heel Magic
Im most excited to try this product from the Dermal Therapy range! Its easy roll on application earns extra brownie points becoz I personally dun like feeling sticky after applying moisturizer. This one leaves no messy fingers and I like how convenient it is! I use it right after the shower and I have been using it regularly. Thumbs up. Excellent if u have dry cracked heels even with regular pedicures! (me!)
I've added some personal pictures of my dry skin right after my trip to Hongkong! The weather was extremely dry there and I came back with scaly skin. Eeeks!
Look at my cracked heels! 
Its really quite bad .. right!
These pictures were taken the very next day - after 01 day of application. 
I applied the Hydrating Lotion on my legs and the Heel Magic on my heels after shower.
I could really SEE and FEEL the difference .. leh!
Overall Review : This brand is a pharmaceutical type of moisturizer that does its job extremely well. I like how non-oily and sticky all the products are, and it has no additional fragrance in it. It is really good for the whole family as the products are pretty unisex and even the men can use it without being afraid to smell too 'sweet' like many products in the market that are targeted for women. It is also recommended for people with eczema, or diabetes as it is safe and provides relief from drying effects for those on medication. I highly recommend this for the whole family, no matter young or old. 
How I do it at home
If you have dry skin like me, yet cannot sleep without air-con - try these easy steps for baby smooth skin! I try to do it at least 3x a week and it really helps me personally!
Make sure to apply moisturizer on damp skin, preferably right after the shower so you can 'lock' in moisture. 
Apply it on legs, hands and body.
I apply Heel Magic right after 
You can use any kind of old socks - but i like these woolly ones as they feel so soft and comfy
(Available at Daiso)
Wear them right after you apply lotion
And head to bed! You'll wake up with incredibly soft skin ~! Yay!
Here's wishing everyone to be beautiful and no more dry skin!
Thanks for dropping by and hope you'll try it tonight! Take care and I'll be back soon!
For more info, please head to :
Dermal Therapy Website :
Dermal Therapy Facebook Page :

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