Dinner at Hai Di Lao

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Found pictures of a previous family dinner in Hai Di Lao and I wanted to quickly post it coz I do enjoy going there for steamboat .. !
In fact, we have been heading there ever so often for our fix of Mala steamboat!
That night, we tried the chicken broth (nice) and laksa soup base. (Not nice)
Hai Di Lao's business is soooo good ~ dinner reservations can only be made for 6.30pm! Any time after that, you got to queue and wait for a table! And the crowd has been so incredible .. that the restaurant has provided tables/chairs with drinks and board games for waiting customers! #truestory
Here's me DIY-ing my own sauces for the steamboat!
You order your food from an Ipad menu .. enjoy free flow condiments/fruits/herbal tea .. and in addition, the service there has been nothing but great so far!
And the moment I took my seat .. the server would hand me a ziplock bag for my iphone! 
Hahaha eh they scare I drop into the soup is it.
The service staff would usually take the initiative to add your chosen ingredients into the pot once the soup base starts to boil.
And yes .. you need not almost lift a finger to do the cooking! 
(Just the eating!!)
Cockles are pretty small though, so I dun fancy them much there. 
But extremely well-presented, though!
May I dig in now please..!
Lastly ... remember to order the hand-pull flour noodles! 
Its too FUN to watch the performance by the shifu who does a wonderful display of noodle gongfu right infront of your eyes..!
I find the food pretty fresh, the service commendable, and the prices quite reasonable. Insane craving for mala steamboat again after doing up this post!
Off to watch Star Awards 2013 ..! 
Back tomorrow, so take care everyone :D
p.s Zoe Tay looks FABULOUS tonight!
Special Mention to www.kerietsol.com for my Faux Knotted Necklace

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  1. Your photos look amazing! I love Hai Di Lao too! Can't wait to try the one in Shanghai tonight! :)

  2. Ooo nice!
    Heard the shanghai nicer!! Enjoy yrself babe! xo


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