Guess's - A Summer Fashion Show

Friday, April 26, 2013

Does anyone remember any of these pictures ...?
So sexy ~!
I've always had a soft spot for the GUESS the brand .. maybe coz its one the first labels that I admire while growing up! I love all the black & white pictures of the supermodels back in the 90s. So sensual and provoking, yet playful and fresh. I think the black and white pictures will remain iconic forever.
Now.. fast-forward to 2013 .. 
Recently I had the chance to preview GUESS- A Summer Fashion Show at Paragon and I was excited!
My first runway show of the year and I was looking forward to seeing the new summer trends. To be really honest, Im not a chi-chi type of person and my fashion style is pretty limited to what I see in the shops or magazines. I dun really follow trends and I usually go for classic pieces or clothes in my favorite colors - quite limited, to say the least! Lol.
It was a private event and Paragon atrium was done up so nicely with all the posters and mini runway right in the middle!
My 'date' for the night! Verlyn and me ~
Poor Herine was invited but had came down with food poisoning! :(
We took our seats
And began to camwhore~! 
There was mini bites and drinks going around for guests
And yeah! Champagne too :D
Funny faces kekeke
Yay starting soon!
Let's go ... !!!
Eh .. Verlyn why your face liddat ! Hahahha
I took more pictures but I just wanted to show you some of my favorite picks. 
And the jeans ....! Love this pair!
And this ensemble too! The jeans are PINK flora ~! OMGGG loves!
pink is loveeee 
This print is nice too ... quite cute.
The show was closed by Asian Next Top Model's Stephanie Retuya - she's really extremely pretty irl!
Claps! I enjoyed the bright summer prints and colors that evening!
We adjourned to GUESS upstairs where the shop had closed for private shopping 
There was a crowd already when we got there
I was looking at the pastel jeans .. hmmm sooo sweet!
Bags and shoes
Did u notice the GUESS macarons and mini eclairs!
With GUESS's stylist - Dennis here! We've met on several GUESS occasions and I love talking to him! xo
Checking out the new arrivals
And this dress is Ver's favorite choice of the night
Keith Png was specially invited to give a presentation on the Summer trend too!
The crowd listening attentively ...
But i was queuing up to go try on clothes ... hahaha!
There was a long queue at the fitting room .. but the kind GUESS staff opened up another 2 fitting rooms so we didnt have to queue so long! Here's me .. waiting behind the auntie (looking at her hair in the mirror while I photo-bomb her.) 
And lastly .... yay! Bought something that night!
And Verlyn managed to get something too :D
Thanks dearest Sally for the invite - would love to see u soon again sweetheart..! Nice catch-up with Dennis and thank you for introducing styles and clothes to me, keke! And I had a great time with my gal pal Verlyn shopping that evening too! Such a lovely nite! Kisses for all~
Not only did I re-discover GUESS .. most importantly it brought back many lovely memories of the time when I was very young and when my parents bought me my first beloved GUESS jeans. I remember wearing them to death, (until my friends made fun of me haha!) and treating them like the most prized thing I had in my wardrobe! Precious memories they are, indeed :) 
Did u own any GUESS jeans, too? :)
Thanks for dropping by! Going to work on my Hongkong pics ..  yay!

And wanna see what I bought home that evening ...?
They were soooo comfortable I wore them to Hongkong!
Back soon! xo

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