HongKong Disneyland With my Lesbo

Friday, April 05, 2013

[Warning : Long picture post!]
Hello everyone! Im sorry for being away for the longest week! Was having a blast in Hongkong despite the rain and every night, I reckon we got back past midnight and woke up so early the next day - it was impossible for me to do any posts while I was there! So I came back .. and realised that I still have my Hongkong pictures from the LAST TRIP wtf. I better get my ass moving and start blogging! Hehehee! Here's Part 1, btw! : http://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/03/my-hongkong-lesbo-trip.html
Disneyland with my Lesbo
We bought our tickets from the hotel so that was great coz we could skip the queue at Disneyland.
We went for a quick cha chang teng breakfast near our hotel 
Drinking our favorite Hongkong milk tea!
I can drink this everyone!
Sandwich time
Comes with a bowl of macaroni!
To get to Disneyland - We had to take the MTR fom Tsim sha tsui and change to the Tung Chung & Disneyland Resort Line
What we wore!
Lets board the Mickey Mouse train! Too cute~
The train takes us directly to the theme park
Yay! We are here!

Happy is me!
Lets head in!
Mickey mouse on the surf!
Very very excited! Its my first time there!
Wah lau really cannot wait i tell u!!!!!!!!
This is the main entrance 
With our pre-bought tickets .. we stroll right in~!

Lots of *ahem* people
Yeah yeah yeah we are here! Soooo pretty!
Chinese new year mood!
Picture picture!
I love the place! So fairytale!
Taking a place on one of the chairs!
The shops here so nice!!!!!
Headed to Buzz Lightyear's Toy Story Land!
Fun rides!
Starting our Disney tour here!
To infinity and beyond..!!!
It was glow in the dark inside
Heading out to another ride!
Q-ing and camwhoring! 
People mountain people sea
This sign is so funny!
Went to the Disney shop
To disturb Minnie Mouse
Baby Mickey
Also kena disturbed
Lesbo loving! With baby Minnie
We love it! 
Mickey fountain
And the park was GORGEOUS!
New mouse ears for us!
My lesbo so cute! <3 p="">
I bought these! Pink! I cant resist!
We walked to The Small World
I love the colors!
Its a slow ride through all the mini sculptures and buildings of the world!
From Asia, to Africa to the USA!
And so amazingly pretty!
We had fun!
Lets head to another place!
Seriously checking out the map - lol
I action only
Pooh corner
Awww so nice.. can I stay here?
Where's my Prince Charming! 
(Both of our husbands were working while we were in Disneyland lols)
Grizzly Gulch time!
This one so fun la!
Need to pay ransom!
Can I bring this home not!
Anyhow start taking picture everywhere
While doing yoga poses ahaha!
Lesbo also anyhow do! 
Hilarious us!
Then we saw the Grizzly bear!
He too cute!
We were done with most of the rides and places .. so we headed for a much needed coffee break!
Let's eat!
It was a very nice cafe!
I really wish they have this in Singapore!
Look at our tea set!
My Mickey Mouse waffles!
So yummy! (Both the food and my pretty lesbo!)
Eating Mickey biscuit!
Lovely place and wonderful company! :D
Love my darling friend lesbo!
We walked outside and saw this!
My dear lesbo bought the Minnie Mouse balloon for me!
Soooo nice!!!!
Then we totally un-glam nonsense pose all the way!
Then we were saying I go toilet sure very easy to find me 
Heh.. paiseh.
We went for some shopping!
I wish I can fit in these..!!!!!!
I want these in my house!
Went outside 
We found a spot to sit
Play with Minnie while waiting for the show to start!

Finally the Disney show starts!!!!
Yay!!! Look!
Damn cute leh his backside!
More coming!
Mickey and friends!
Hello Donald Duck!
Winnie the Pooh!
Chip and Dale!
The Princesses are here too!
Snow White!
I want this ladybug car!
My favorite Tinkerbell is here!
Lilo & Sitch!
Woody too!
Buzz Light Year I see u again!
Soon it was the end of the show and all the little kids were walking behind! Sooooo ke ai!
It was almost evening time and we decided to head back!
But not before ...........
Bye bye Disneyland!
Love u sooo much! It was so FUN!
Had such a wonderful time in the happiest place on earth. I look back at the pictures and laugh to myself! I remember having so much fun that day it felt like magic. Thank u my lesbo for the lovely company and time! Love u!
Thanks for dropping by and happy Friday everyone!

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