Last Part of our Lesbo Hongkong Trip

Monday, April 08, 2013

Happy Monday everyone!
How was your weekend? I had a great one - meeting my girls for tea, shopping, then we all had bubbly for dinner and I spent Sunday sleeping the day away (haha) after church in the morning :D Felt so fresh and had a great yoga session today! I have a food-tasting dinner with my girl friends later so I just wanna post on  my last part of my Lesbo Hongkong trip before I head out :)
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Right after reaching back to the hotel after Disneyland, we quickly changed, freshen up and prepare to head out for dinner and shopping! And yes .. after all the fun in Disneyland ... 
Alamak eat again 
Went to Xu Liu Shan for desserts and snacks!
Fat die us!
We walked around Kowloon area for some shopping and we headed back to the hotel coz Lesbo was meeting her cousin for a quick drink!
We stayed at the Sheraton hotel and there was a nice Sky lounge where we can see the view of Hongkong island while enjoying a nightcap.
We ordered more food! 
And of coz .. bubbly to share!
Oysters again! xo
We had fun talking to lesbo's baby cousin!
Heh .. he's not so 'baby' after all! I know! LOL
Back to the room ..... hahahahha!
Two greedy girls out on the loose in Hongkong and what do we do?
Room service with bubbly!
Our My little pony unicorn!
Lobster bisque!
Lets pour some champagne!!!
Drink up!
We drank, ate, laughed until we fell asleep ~ Zzzzzz
The next morning ......
Hungry again so went for breakfast!
Hot milk tea!
Condensed milk bun! Wah lau soooo yummy can
Really delicious!
We are going to Honkong island so off we go to take MTR!
While in the train .....
Here we are!
Red cabs
We damn sad that Baby cafe is closed leh 
Angelababy super duper chio. Love her!
Walking to Times square
Here we are!
Pose please
Cannot tahan. Must die die go Jill Stuart
I force my lesbo to take picture for me
Freaking chio to the max can
So princess-y! I want to stay here!
This was my reaction the whole time
Look at the poster! Got baby rabbit one! I dieeee
Lesbo went off to meet her friend and I met my secondary school friend Mandy for more shopping!
Went to Tsui Wah for lunch coz I love the food there!
Mandy's cousin joined us for another round of shopping and we saw pretty cherry blossoms at Times square so we all took pictures there! 
My 18 years friend and counting!
Lesbo is back so we all took photos!
We went to Mongkok ....
And to Ladies market!
Alot of people
Lets go find food~!
Dinner time!
Lesbo brought me to a steamboat place and it was great coz the weather was chilly so eat hotpot best la!
So yums! We ate so much!
Continued walking 
Then guess what we did (again)
Hahaha somemore we forever order same thing thankyouverymuch
Eat dessert again!!!!!!!
Then ... back to the room
Bought champagne chocolate truffles too!
So alcoholic 
Yum seng~
Good night!
The next day .. going back to Singapore
Two hangover girls
Wah lau damn sleepy and tired!
Back to reality and end of our holiday *sob*
 Checking in....
Finally we got on the plane
Watch tv
And eat breakfast!
Bye bye everyone!
Thanks for dropping by and I hope all of u have a wonderful, wonderful week ahead. Drink lotsa water and carry an umbrella .. the weather is crazy! Its so hot yet it rains suddenly. Will be back with more posts soon so cya soon! Lotsa heart & kisses xoxoxo
Missing my lesbo :D
love! xoxo

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  2. Looks like an amazing trip! Wanna ask you.. how did you shorten your evelyn bag? Used a bracelet? TIA!

  3. Hi Lady J dear!
    I use my Tiffany bracelet :)


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