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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! 
Yes.. nearly! Im actually writing this on Saturday night, after an awesome dinner at home with my parents - and I can't start to tell u how full I still am. I find it difficult to sleep on a full tummy so I decided to catch up on some (really) backlogged posts! And since this was soooo 364728 years ago (kidding), Im doing a 2 in 1 post for the VanityTrove March and April edition!
March's Red Carpet VanityTrove Edition
I can't start to explain how excited I feel everytime I see these little red and white boxes on my table top!

The Red Carpet Edition included a huge range of products for both inner and outer beauty!
My eyes ZOOMED in immediately on the sample sized Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact! And then I spy .. I spy with my little eye - not just one compact powder, but another one from Zao, a French brand, all natural compact powder made from active organic ingredients. 
I also received the Huiji Fruity Lite Hawthorn fruit and Honey drink, which is great for all the food feast that I have been having! Each drink contains Vitamin C and Xylitol, which helps cleanse and promote a healthy digestive system.
In addition, I have the Kilo Off Organic Herbal Slimming Tea sachets in my Trove too. This light and refeshing teamade in France contains natural and herbal ingredients to simulate digestion and prevent bloating. I like that it is totally herbal and u can drink it at night too.
Take another look at my Trove, will ya? :)
The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact has incoporated the brand's best-selling tinted moisturizer into a convenient portable compact. This latest innovation features a lightweight creme formula to make your skin dewy. I tried it on and it turns from creme to powder on my skin! Its not heavy after it dries, and gave a rather good coverage. Amazing!
Paul Smith's Optimistic travel perfume sample is a feminine fragrance that combines a floral tenderness with a fruity top note. Great for summer days!
The Skin Food Gold Kiwi miniature gift set is a brightening skin care line that contains Quercetin, a ingredient from the golden kiwi that hydrates and cools the skin. 
Zao - a French organic line of skincare that uses recyclable casing (if you buy the case separately - the below picture features the refill powder), organic ingredients and 100% natural formulas. I personally have been using this regularly and I like the build-able coverage that it provides. I use my kabuki brush and swirl the powder in circles and then dust it directly on my skin. This step finishes off my foundation base for a matte look. I bring it out for a quck touch up and its small and light. (I bring a saparate small mirror!)
Lastly... I wanted to show you the mini magazine that each Trove has!
Each month, you will receive a fabulous small book that depicts all the featured products that you might get in your box and in it, there are pages of tips, pictures and tricks! As March's edition is the Red Carpet Look - I was featured along with my fellow beauty bloggers in the magazine! :D
The Question posed to us was : What's your Red Carpet Look for the new season? 
And this was MY LOOK! Winged Smoky Eyes : Something wild for the new year!
Do you like it? 
Next up ....
April's Spring Update VanityTrove Edition
It wasn't too long until something came knocking on my door!
This time in April ... I received not one, but TWO boxes!
Cant wait to see what they are!
Thank you once again, VanityTrove!
Right after the glamour from the March's Red Carpet edition .. we swing right into Spring and its all about whitening, hydrating and caring for yourself!
Like I mentioned earlier, there's ANOTHER trove surprise .. the SUPERBERRY Trove! 
I saw something that immediately perked my interest ... 
The SASSI Top Coat $19.90 from the Superberry trove!
There was also a nail file (which I really needed! Law of Attraction & VanityTrove.. Thank u!)
I have Gelish nails over my natural nails, but this topcoat is really FABULOUS!
I've been using this over my nails and they make my manicure look absolutely fresh again! Not only that, it dries sooo quickly - and totally by the time that Im done with my other hand! Its thicker (supposed to replicate the Gelish 'shine') but it doesn't chip at all and I really like it! Best top coat ever. 
I also liked the Storyderm Silk Mask. It was soothing and the mask felt very smooth and luxurious on my skin. I found that my skin tone turned slightly brighter after one use and the essence did not leave a sticky film on my skin after I removed the mask. 
I like the Margherita Ghel BellisFabula Foaming Cleansing too! It did not leave my skin dry and I like the scent. Its a soap-free antioxidant foaming cleanser with natural soft foam.
I have not tried the MASQUE INFUSED ORGANIC TREATMENT by Ghassan but Im excited to! I saw that they have Organic coconut and green tea extracts - both of my favorite scents! I love the smell of coconut so I hope this mask will have a deep conditioning and luxurious treatment to my hair :)
All products mentioned and seen in the pictures are from the Superberry online store!
Special Promoton : The exclusive VanityTrove is available at $35 (U.P. $40, over $100 worth of products!) only on edition/.
Subscribe to VanityTrove (here) for 6 months or 12 months and you will score exclusive trove or any of VanityTrove special edition troves worth over $100 by quoting "Elaine73"
Back to to the VanityTrove Spring Edition box! 
Elizabeth Arden joins VanityTrove as one of their luxury brand partners to introduce Visible Whitening range to bust melanin formation from the evil sun. Perfect for the blazing weather recently!
I've been using the Cleansing Foam and I enjoyed it! It's lathers up easily and has very teeny beads in the formula to gently smooth and exfoliate the skin.
Dr Ci:Labo, a popular label from Japan crafted by dermatologists. I have heard so much about their products but I have never had the chance to actually try it out!
I always cant wait to try out BB creams!
The Dr.Ci:Labo Perfecting BB Cream glides on the skin smoothly, it seems a little too fair for my skin tone (Im so tanned!) But frankly, Im ok with it coz by applying a thin layer - the color would naturally blend into the skin and it will not be visible at all. :)
Hope u enjoy this little review of mine and thank you for your time!
Need to head to bed real soon, have early morning church tomorrow! 
Take care and good night to all! xoxo
Much love and,
For more info : Please head to 
With the arrival of Spring, let's bloom the town with " Floral Notes". Do the petal dance and make a sweet, warm and soft impression with VanityTrove May Edition.
Back to reply tags soon! xo

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