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Friday, May 03, 2013

[Sponsored Advertorial] Hello everyone! 
If you have seen my previous post on my 1st Blackbox : here, - I was excited to receive my 2nd box in April! Did u register to get your FREE Blackbox too? If not, head to my previous post : (Click here!)
Cant wait to check it out!
I still need to pinch myself sometimes .. I simply cant believe that its absolutely FREE!
Delivered right to your doorstep, the Blackbox encourages responsible sampling by sending you the latest, or tried-and-tested products for you to try it out at the comfort of your home too!
Each box is always fully packed with unisex lifestyle products great for the whole family to use and it also includes shopping/spa/dining discounts vouchers in a handy pouch that comes in a different design each time! 
Wow! Here's a list of the product info for your perusal too!
I opened my Blackbox and ......
Seriously ... ? 
Wow ... I can't wait to try each item!
Filled to the brim!
L'oreal Paris Base Magique
I really liked this product! In fact I was contemplating on buying it soon after my current primer is sold out so I was elated to see it in my Blackbox! I used it under my normal foundation and I found the texture to be completely smooth. It dries quickly and my skin felt satin smooth. Foundation went on easily and my skin stayed matted for a longer time as compared to usual. Will purchase the full-size soon!
Zappy Baby Wipes
This convenient pack makes its easy to put it in your bag and carry out in situations where you want to quickly wipe your hands without making the trip to the toilet. It doesnt have any alcohol smell which makes it great for babies/children to use, and is gentle on our skin too. It does not have any additional fragrance which I like and I found that my hands did not feel dry after using it. 
Uncle Toby's Chewy Choc Bar
I finished mine in record time! Haha! I love eating granola and muesli bars, and I loveeee chocolate so this was delicious as a quick snack in the afternoon when I feel like having a low-calorie yet satisfying bite. 
Nivea Multi Effect Oil Control Cooling Volcanic Mud Foam
Although it states that its for men .. I used it on my face! Haha! And I really liked it! It comes out creamy and grey in color and leaves an extremely refreshing feeling! I like it for its oil-controlling purposes and will not hesitant to re-purchase it to share it with my hubby! Excellent in the morning when you feel sleepy coz the menthol wash will perk you up straight away!
Darlie Expert White
Darlie has always been one of my household favorite toothpaste brands for its reasonable pricing and I like how I feel after brushing my teeth! It does leave my mouth feeling extra fresh, yet does not leave a sting after. I love it so definitely I will buy this again!
Vanish Powder Q
This washing powder acts as a additional stain-remover so you can simply add it to your normal detergent during a wash to get rid of stains that is either visible or stains that you might have missed out. I use it at home to soak some stubborn stains and it gets them out in double quick time.
Vanish Website :
L'oreal Revitalift LASER x3 Serum
This is their latest Anti-aging serum which fights wrinkles similar to those found in the doctor's offices using Laser. Good for dry skin complexions that need an extra boost before their night cream. Read my previous review on it : Here
Nescafe Coffee in Mocha, Cuppuccino and Hazelnut
Nescafe has always been a brand synonymous with coffee so I have nothing but praise for their coffee! Its so convenient to buy them and drink it at home, or whenever you need a coffee fix eg office. Im so pleased that they come in so many gourmet flavors now and they cost a fraction of what you would pay in Starbucks and best of all .. you can have them in the comfort of your own house!
Bioflora Collabee Honey & Collagen 
This collagen drink is a hit with most ladies I know personally becoz it does not have a fishy taste similar to other collagen drinks, and the manuka honey is simply delicious! I like to drink it cold or add it to my yogurt for a simple yet tasty snack! So healthy too! Read my previous review : Here
Ettusais Skin Version UP Super
This is my first time trying out skincare from Ettusais and this is also one thing I love about sample boxes. I can try out products without spending a hole in my pocket before I decide to purchase it! This  serum acts as a moisture booster and I like how my skin feels supple after use. I had soft skin and I found that also absorbed quickly and enhanced my skincare after I have applied it.
Another brand that I cant wait to try!
Belif Cleansing Foam Moist 
I really love the smell of this wash, it reminded me for being in a spa with its aromatherapy fragrance and although it is a foam wash - it did not leave my skin dry. It was creamy and I felt that my skin was cleansed thoroughly after each wash. Will re-purchase.
Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb
I patted it over my skin and I found that the smell relaxed me deeply, I like how the cream leaves my skin feeling moisturised.
Belif UV Protector Daily Sunscreen Gel
With an SPF 30, this is an extremely good basic suncreen for daily use. It absorbs quickly into my skin without feeling greasy and I like how light it felt.
Belif First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask
I was excited to try this out! One of their top sellers, this eye cream is meant to be left on the eyes before going to bed. Used 2-3x a week, it promises brighter and clearer skin around the eye area. I would love to purchase the full-size to get rid of my panda eyes!   
Assorted Vouchers 
Each Blackbox comes with spa/dining/shopping vouchers that you can use for further purchases! There is also online shopping discounts that you can use by typing the discount code - extremely convenient for online shopping! In additional, there is a handy pouch that I love to put my knick-knacks in! I used it recently on my travel to Malaysia and its waterproof and so convenient to place my foreign currency and coins in. The design is always different in each Blackbox edition, so I love how I can collect them all at the same time!
Thanks once again Blackbox!
For more info, please head to :
Simply subscribe at and key in “ Elaine ” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box with at least 4 deluxe samples in the next edition of Black Box! Do remember to 'Like' them in Blackbox Facebook for latest promotions and giveaways too! 
Thanks for dropping by and hope you receive your very own FREE Blackbox soon too!

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