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Monday, May 06, 2013

[ + Mini Natural Glowy Rock Chick Look Makeup Tutorial]
Hello everyone! 
So recently www.wishtrend.com sent me one of their best-sellers - The ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC cream to try out and I was extremely intrigued with the product. The only time I've ever heard of a CC cream is from the Rachel K's makeup line or the extremely popular Chanel CC cream. I generally refer BB cream as the Holy Grail to natural makeup, so I cant wait to test this CC cream and give my review.
Cant wait to open it!
But first .. what is CC cream?
With the hope of a flawless face ... 
I read the instructions on the back of the packaging and I was glad that this product has included SPF 30 and its also Whitening + Anti-wrinkle + Hydrating.
I like the size and look of the tub - this product also lasts for 12 months upon opening.
Initial Test Review : 
To my surprise, it came out slightly off-white unlike BB creams which normally is tinted already. It doesnt have any strong fragrance, just a slight plastic-y smell which is generally undetectable. (I've came across worse ones..trust me.)
Upon spreading it out, the color capsules burst (according to instructions) and the cream started to change its color slightly. It felt velvet-ly smooth and is not sticky.
As I blended in the CC cream. I could see it disappear into my skin - and amazingly there was no white  or grey tint (as with some bb creams on my skin tone.) My skin felt matte to the touch , yet it remained hydrated and was not dry. 
Natural Glowy Rock Chick Makeup Look
Now for the real test! 
I wanted to use the ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream along with my other makeup items. I decided to go for this natural look - as I usually associate BB/CC creams to a natural, non-makeup makeup look. And if you have been following me in Instagram, I think u would have seen me in my tucker cap for the longest time! Weather's been too hot and sun too strong :p
I've simplified this look to a couple of basic items and here's what in my makeup bag.
A closer look of what I will be using.
I usually velco my fringe before I apply my makeup
Here I've cleansed and moisturized my skin prior to putting on any makeup.
My eyelashes are permed .. if u are wondering lol
I decided to add a teeny bit of sunscreen becoz I am sooo used to adding sunscreen before I put any makeup! I find that it helps my makeup to adhere alittle better. And sunscreen is always good for u! Here Im using the Infinity Kose Deep Protection UV cream which has SPF 50+. U can find the in-dept review of this product in my Kose posts previously.
Always start from center of face before blending it outwards
I like to use my fingers to warm the product and apply them on face
Even when I have no makeup on, I try to apply sunscreen diligently. Your skin will thank you for it in the years to come, trust me! :D
Next I applied the ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream 
Same thing .. from center out
I dot it around my face and blend 
The cream melted into my skin almost instantly .. and there are no 2 color tones with my face and neck. It was slightly brighter, but not a drastic difference from my original skin color.
It covered my red areas pretty well but for my dark undereye circles - I think I need to add concealor to cover them up thoroughly. My skin has a light glow and felt smooth.
I decided to use my MAC concealer for my eye bags and dark circles.
I like to apply it under my eyes and on top of my cheek area
More blending
U can see a slightly lighter color under my eyes
To set everything - I use a mineral powder with a large kabuki brush 
I prefer to use a brush for its air-brushed coverage. This BECCA mineral powder has been one of my favorite makeup items recently and I love how kind it is to my skin (u can even sleep in it!) and I have absolutely no clogged pores when I use it. My skin feels breathable, coverage is good yet not thick.
Dust on nose for more oil-control
I also dust my neck for a more even look
Im usually a small amount of white eye shadow in this look 
Just to brighten the eye area 
I live, breathe glitter! This JILL STUART gel glitter eye shadow is also one of my favorite items so far - the shimmer is light and natural looking and being gel based, it stays on for a longer time. 
Dotting it around my eyes and in the corners for a fresh look
My trusty CANMAKE eyebrow pencil is light brown in color and does not look too harsh.
I have my eyebrows threaded every 3-4 weeks and I pluck stray hairs in between
A recent buy - this CLIO waterproof black eyeliner provides the intensity of a liquid eyeliner, yet its easy to draw lines and does not smudge. But most importantly, it washes off cleanly, leaving no trace.
Start from middle of eyelids
Light flick at the ends 
My Hello Kitty eyelash curler! Although my lashes are permed, I still curl them before mascara
My absolute favorite favorite K-PALETTE 1-Day Lash Perm mascara! This was the reason why I switched from false lashes to #nofalsies .. !! Its not waterproof, yet it does not smudge at all! It retains the curl of my lashes all day and best .. wait for it .. BEST PART : It washes off clean with warm water. #DAFUQ right? I use an oil-based makeup remover, and when I head to the shower - my mascara melts off with warm water and there are ZERO panda eyes after! I love it so much I actually forced my girlfriends to use them ahahah! Im a mascara convert - right after this. #swear
Ok so I digressssss. 
Another Holy Grail of mine .. Eyelash fibers!!!
I stock this up whenever I head to Malaysia! They are loose fibers that magically add inches to your lashes .. ! Apply 1 coat of mascara, then immediately apply fibre and lock in with another coat of mascara. For a dramatic look, repeat process. I do that all the time and my friends ask me if Im using falsies! #successkid
This is ONLY 2 coats of mascara. Natural look .. remember ~ hehehe.
Lastly I apply my JILL STUART baby berry blusher lightly
Concentrating on the cheeks, I just need a light pop of color
To finish off the glowy look - Im using the CLIO art blusher in rose pink. It has light golden shimmers that bounce light off my cheeks - resulting in a warm look. Great for summer.
Remember to add a tint of lip balm or lip gloss and you're great to go!
This is the almost finished look ~!
Almost ...
Becoz I need my tucker cap to complete the ROCK look!
Zero color edit ... Love the light breathable look!
Special Thanks to Wishtrend for my ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC cream~!
For more info, please head to :
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Expiry date:  the end of 2013
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But hang on ....!
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 Hope you have a great great week ahead and hope u enjoyed the pictures!

Back soon! xo

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