Girly day with Cindee & Charmaine

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

[Backdated post] Hi guys! Are you in the mood for cake? 
Hahaha coz I have so many cake/dessert/food pics coming up in this post .. I just wanted to forewarn you first ~ heehee! I got quite hungry myself, - editing these pics ... LOL.
Ahhhhh cake ....
Some time ago, I manage to (finally) meet up my lovely busy girlfriends for a day of leisure catch-up and coffee in town.
We wanted to do high tea at the Equinox but Cindee had to head to Orchard to grab something so we decided to shift the avenue to our trusty little tea place - Antoinette. 
I like their coffee here and the food is pretty awesome although I do find it slightly too small and sometimes the service there is either hit or miss.
But I can't deny the fact they have pretty displays here ....
Start drooling
What shall I order !!!
After queuing for what seems like eternity ... 
We finally got a seat! Yay!
Here's Cindee ~ this busy girl juggles work and studies so we were glad that we all could meet up for our long-overdue Christmas present exchange!
I meet Charmaine from time to time since we live quite near to each other .. and we had our Christmas date previously here! (click)
We ordered our food and drinks soon coz we were starving!
Some sides and mains to share 
The Foie Gras is DA BOMB! Highly recommended if you ever drop by.
I always order the Carbonara but I forgot to change the pasta to spaghetti instead! Bummer. 
Soon ... dessert time!
Cant resist ordering the sweet looking macarons!
I like this dark chocolate cake! Not too sweet for me.
Back to opening pressies shall we!
Cin .. u go first!
She's a beer drinker so I got her Hello Kitty beer glasses! Too cuteeee xo
Now's Char turn okie!
Soft comfy bedroom Hello Kitty socks to keep warm! 
Ooopsss here ish me.
And Cindee got me PYJAMAS! Hello Kitty onesssss! I wear them to sleep now!
Think we talk until ~ and take picture take pictureeee the whole time we were having tea!
Right after desserts, we headed to Takashimaya for some shopping (no time for pictures ahaha) and then we wanted to go somewhere else for dinner .. and more shopping!
And we arrived at MBS for bubbly!
Alcohol heals our aching legsssss ... you know. 
We took a seat at Hide Yamamoto bar area with our bottle of Moet and had a nice time chatting until the (rather unpleasant) manager actually shoo-ed us in to start dinner. #wth Despite all that, we are determined to make the best out of dinner! 
The sushi at Hide never fails
And this Uni Truffle Chawanmushi is a must-order too!
Girl pals FTW
And *ahem* me.
Okie okie proper pic k!!!
The codfish was very soft and delicate tasting, so I quite enjoy it.
Poutyyy girls
Lets dig in babes!
The claypot rice was yummy too! 
Pan-fried gyozas 
And Charmaine's seafood ramen 
Despite our sugar rush earlier in the day .. we still want DESSERT!
Then I went home and found pics like these ... in my camera!
Hahahah! Tak glam dao~
We finished up the food and drinks coz we wanted to go for some LAST-MINUTE SHOPPING!
Popped by the Escentials boutique to get some stuff
Charmaine finally got what she wanted ..
And I bought my BECCA mineral powder from there too! (If u were ever wondering..)
What a fun and fruitful day we had!
Think I overate that day .. but we had alot of fun and laughter too! Talk talk talk until the shops closed before we reluctantly decide to call it a day. Love spending time with my girl friends and these are people that I've known for soooo many years .. we've seen each other through good times and bad times. 
And I treasure each and every one of them :) 
Very much xo
"Being honest might not get you alot of friends .. but it'll get you the right ones." - John Lennon.
Start being true to yourself and then you can be true to the people around you. Its something that I constantly remind myself to do. What do you remind yourself daily? :)
Take care.
Back soon! 
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