Going to Aberdeen Harbor in Hongkong

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hi guys! Hello hello again!
As promised.. Im back soon with the second part of my fun Hongkong trip! 
Things have been slow these days .. Im staying at home pretty much and feeling quite liberated haha!
I watch my tv shows.. do a face mask, head to yoga and catch up with friends. :)
It's like a breath of fresh air ~ and I like it.
On our 2nd day in Hongkong, we followed our plan to head to Aberdeen Harbor despite the slight drizzle! Its my first time there so I was looking forward to it.
But first ...... BREAKFAST!
I wanted to go to the Cha Chan Teng (Hongkong cafe) that I frequent whenever Im in Hongkong and to get there, we had to walk through a small back alley that looked like this.
And this.
The Macau Restaurant .. I love their Portuguese egg tarts!
My favorite Hongkong milk tea and condensed milk bun!
Yum yum
Tabao-ed egg tart for the rest of the group
My hubby order one dozen!
Met up with the rest and walked to take bus
Look at the (PRC) queue outside Hermes!
Waiting for bus!
Haha where is my bus arh!
Took a double decker bus
Can u see my hubby behind me?
Can look at scenery while on the bus
Hongkong streets
Arrived at Aberdeen soon after! It was about an hour's bus journey from Kowloon to Aberdeen, but time seem to have passed by so quickly coz we were taking pictures, talking and laughing on the way there.
Wet market
Street shots
This uncle very stylo leh!
Ah pek sitting on the side of the pavement .. can u guess why?
Heehee! They were checking out the Horse racing punter guide!
We walked to Aberdeen Harbor.
We booked a boat to bring us around the harbor and back 
Lets go!
Some sights during the ride
Aberdeen floating village is located at the Aberdeen Harbour in the Southern District of Hong Kong. 
The harbour contains approximately 600 junks, which house an estimated 6,000 people.
Since the 19th century, Aberdeen has emerged as one of the most important fishing ports in Hong Kong. Now in Aberdeen, as the catering and tourism industries are on the rise, so is the demand for seafood. In the past two decades, the population of the Aberbeen Floating Village community has decreased due to rapid fisheries development in the nearby Guangdong Province and the increase in operating costs of the fishing industry in HongKong. Instead of living on the boat permanently, now the majority of the boat people only fish on the boat during the day. -- source Wiki
They look so beautiful! 
The mix of old and new .. 
High rise buildings in the background 
And the many many junk boats 
Our boat!
The ride took about 45 mins 
And we slowly headed back to where we came from
I think it was quite funny when there were family dogs on other boats that barked at us as we passed by them! Hilarious coz we barked back! 
The girls
We even passed by two of the most popular floating restaurants in Hongkong!
The Jumbo
And Tai Pak Chinese restaurant that caters to thousands of visitors and tourists each year
Slowly heading back
And soon, our ride is over as we docked by the harbor
We decided to head for lunch shortly
But the aunty in me .. can never resist a nice warm bowl of herbal tea! 
Liang teh #FTW!
The rest headed to a small dried goods store 
Salted fish, anchovies, salted veg and all types of provisions 
And while we were here, our friend Al resourcefully asked the Liang Cha store aunty on where to have a good local seafood lunch!
She kindly directed us to a shop nondescript restaurant a couple of streets away
Upon walking in, we knew we struck gold
The place was buzzing with the locals and all it could mean was that the food HAD to be GOOOOD! And it was! We had a fabulous meal there - and it was sooo cheap too!
Right after lunch, we decided to pop by the Prada warehouse called SPACE.
We took a taxi and I think it was barely 5 mins away.
It was pretty crowded!
There was past season shoes, bags, clothes by Prada and sister brand Miu miu.
I didnt fancy anything much there (Pretty much a waste of my time I reckon, but good to drop by if you are in the area) - and we headed back to Hongkong island there after.
Oh! My love! 
Timesss Square....~!
While I was there, it was the 10th year anniversary of Gor Gor Leslie Cheung's passing. There was hoards of spectators, visitors and many, many fans.
We shopped around for a little while before we headed back to the hotel 
We went back, put down our shopping and met up to go out again!
And guess where we went.
Back to Cheese pork chop noodles!!! 
Look at GT at the back ~ *classic*
We had tickets to watch the Leslie Cheung's anniversary concert!
The 5 of squeezed into the taxi with both girls in the front!
And its time for the CONCERT!
Thanks Al for getting the tickets! 
He booked it WAAAAAY early online and as we expected - the stadium was full!
Alot of fun watching concert with friends!
Yes yes sorry kinda need to camwhore ~ oh well.
It was the Miss You Much concert 
Where all the stars reunited and sung Gor Gor's songs on stage
While Im typing this - I could still feel my goosebumps. I get emotional talking about Leslie Cheung's death and I will never forget the day when the news reported that he jumped down from MO. 
I love his songs, his shows and the amazing charisma that he has. 
He is truly a superstar 
But gone.. too soon.
It was an emotional night for us - and I could see what an incredible legacy he left behind.
And if you're wondering - no .. he didnt leave any 'last' message. 
He just said that he wanted to 'sleep' and before his passing, I truly believe that he was in a lot, a lot of pain. Maybe ... this might not be the best way out, but to a man who is so depressed at the end of his life - it might be the only way out. :(
Miss you much too, gor gor.
It was a cold night but we wanted to beat the traffic and decided to walk back !
On the way back 
Snack attack!
Roadside stall 
Headed back to meet the Stones for supper!
We went to Felix at The Peninsula, a stone's throw away from the service apartment that we were staying in.
Supper gang reunited!
Had such a magical night with friends and it was a memorable way to spend the eve of Al's birthday in Hongkong! Happy birthday once again Al! You are indeed special to us too :)
Back soon with Part 3 of Hongkong!
Im off to bed xoxoxo!
p.s actually off to watch Kitchen Nightmares season 6! Its soooo bloody addictive I think u better dun start watching - if not you'll end up like me! :p
Look of the Day 
Off-white long singlet top from GlobalCitizen, Black pants with Skulls at the side from Hongkong, Denim Jacket from Burberry Blue Label. Skull Scarf from Alexander Mcqueen and Gucci Ballerina shoes.
Bye bye! 

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