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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Hi everyone! Its Thursday already and to be frank, Im finding it hard to swallow how time has flew by all of a sudden! Is it me or can someone pinch me again because I cannot believe that June is almost here. Did the first half of 2013 zoom pass me? Or have I been living in my unicorn rainbow world - not  realizing that I have a ton of past events/pictures, backlogs and reviews to do. Hmmm. Anywayyyyy.
Im slowly catching up .. tee hee. 
The La Roche-Posay Dry Touch Revolution
About a month ago I attended the La Roche-Posay event that introduced us to the NEW Dry-Touch Revolution at Mount Elizabeth. It was interesting to hear guest speaker Dr Jean Ho touch on the dangers of exposing our skin to the sun. And Im certainly most guilty of that.
Did you know that 90% of skin cancer detected in time are curable?
The suncare range most recommended by European dermatologists.
For a number of years, Anthelios XL has protected sensitive skin and skin that suffers from sun allergies by offering it: Extremely high UVA protection 
(UVA protection level stricter than the European recommendation)
In ultra-minimalist formulas 
(fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic, tested under dermatological supervision)
Specially formulated textures to suit all skin types and exposures.
It was an insightful talk (although I was late coz something cropped up!) and the kind people of La Roche-Posay provided lunch and light refreshments as I managed to catch up with my fellow beauty blogger friends. 
Some of my friends at the event
So nice to meet up with everyone again xx
We took pictures, talked rubbish and exchanged friendly banter so it was pretty awesome!
It was a fun event and guess what I had 3 events to go to that day! 
Yes . 3 back to back launches (I like it that way, actually!) so I'll be posting on them real soon too! Hopefully I'll continue the rest tonight .. keke.
Group picture with (L-R) Shirleen, Jermaine, Herine and me 
Product Review
La Roche-Posay had kindly given us two of their newly launched items - the Anthelios XL Dry-Touch Gel Cream and the Uvidea XL BB cream, along with their most popular Thermal Spring Water.
Thermal Spring Water
Refreshes, soothes and tones
Provides antioxidant protection
Gentle, fine mist
Contains no additives
Perfect for use during work, travel and play
Directions : Spray on face or body lightly to refresh your senses and skin. 
Suitable for adults and children.
First Impressions : This 150g bottle is a great size to use at home - if you are looking for something portable, then this is a teeny weeny too big I feel. But I like the design of the bottle and nozzle (not shown). There is a good amount of instructions and list of mineral ingredients behind the bottle.
Review : I have a slightly sensitive U-zone (cheek area) and this was great in soothing it them. I spray it from time to time either before my makeup or throughout the day to refresh my skin. Upon spraying - the mist is fine and my skin feels soft to the touch. 
Anthelios XL Dry-Touch Gel Cream
Dry finish texture (non-greasy)
High photostability (resists losing efficacy in the sun)
Suitable for sensitive skin
Fragrance-free, PABA-free
Dermatologist and allergy-tested
Directions : Apply evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure
Re-apply as needed or after towel drying, swimming or perspiring
Children under 6 months of age, please ask a doctor
First Impressions : I like the bright cheery orange color becoz it reminds me of the sun and just by looking at it, I am prompted to use it before heading out in the day! #Truestory There are instructions on the back of the tube, but the list of ingredients can be found at the side of the box. 
Review : Im impressed with the 50+ Spf and the UVB + UVA. This sunscreen is highly recommended for prolonged outdoor use (If you are staying indoor, 15 Spf will do). The cream, when dispersed - is watery and white in color which scares me a little becoz I dun want to go out with a white face! Im pretty tanned so this made me look a little fairer, but the color went off after awhile. The good is about the cream is that it dried to an absolute powder matte finish but the weird chemical smell put me off a bit. The sprout dispenses too much cream due to its watery nature, so I have to be careful not to squeeze the tube too hard. This cream did not break me out - but as with all the sunscreens that I use, I will remove it with a makeup cleanser so that it does not clog my pores. 
Uvidea XL BB cream
Daily protection against UVA rays 
Enhanced anti-UVA filtration (PPD 18)
 Mexoryl XL filtering system, which goes beyond PA+++ requirements. 
Contains La Roche-Posay thermal spring water 
Soothing and anti-oxidant properties
Directions : Apply every morning at the end of skincare routine. Excellent makeup base.
First impressions : The blue and white tube is pleasing to the eyes and I like that this has 50 Spf, one of the highest Spf for BB creams in the market. This product is Made in France, but here are clear instructions in both English and Japanese. If I remember correctly - this product is unique to the Asian market (as with our obsessions with BB creams). However, I think that the European market might be soon catching up on this craze too! 
Review : I got the shade 01 (I believe they come in 2 shades) and I was hesitant to apply with a heavy hand in fear that it will be too light for my skin tone. As you can see in the picture below, the cream looks slightly pale in color, with a grey undertone. However I need to emphasize that this shade might be more suitable for girls with fairer skin so I did what I could best. I used a smaller amount and blended it in before adding more and blending it again. In that way, I avoided the 2-tone look (between face and neck) and when I used my regular foundation over the BB cream, it looked quite flawless. Another plus point is that it created a good base for my foundation becoz it dried to a matte finish, yet does not look cakey.
Overall Review
I think this is a rather hit or miss product to me, - there are several good points that I like, for example the high Spf rating in both the sunscreen and the bb cream. And that the creams all dry to a matte finish when applied. It is not sticky and they feel rather powdery, even. They also did not break me out but I find the smell rather off-putting. I dun need my products to smell good, but La Roche-Posay has a slight chemical smell (They are Fragrance-free) that deters me from using it abundantly. I tend to use small amounts of both creams to blend it in with my skin tone and its rather tedious but then again Im quite tanned .. so I guess the products are more suited for fairer girls. 
Will I recommend it?
I like the Thermal Spring Water and have been using it pretty much. I do alternate the sunscreen and the bb cream with my other skincare items but sadly I dun think I will re-purchase them. 
Thanks for dropping by and have a fabulous weekend dear all!
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  1. Hey,^^ Does the thermal spring water contains "Alcohol"?Thanks!^^

  2. Hello! No it does not contain alcohol :)


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