Our Fun Group HongKong Trip

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I have a confession to make.
These pictures have been sitting in my picture folders for the loooongest time and I so badly want to blog about them! But then I have datelines, adverts, reviews, product information .. all the works and things that I, frankly - dun really give a damn about. 
I really dun wanna lost myself.
I dun wanna lose my identity as blogger. As a person. As a friend.
Most of all I want to write about the things I love - food, yoga, beauty and travel. 
Im not a machine, Im not paid to read about your lengthy press releases - or am I a tool to promote your failing business. If your business is not doing well, perhaps you can take a good deep look at it in the mirror. I can help u as a capacity of a friend to drum up publicity - but at the expense of my readers? I think its wrong to try to fake that your product/food/service is all that good. If its an advert - I'll bloody say it is. Im not pretending that I paid for it. 
And that is also why I never try to use images that were sent me - I go all the way out to try out the item/product or even the service. I take a lot of pictures and spend a good amount of time to go through and edit them so that I tell a story with the items. Readers can then judge from the pictures if its worth buying/trying it or not. If its good. I tell u.. no need publicity also good one la.
That's also the reason why I'm totally resistant to getting anyone to manage my blog. I'm not 3 years old. I dun need a nanny to tell me what to write, what to say. What not to say blah blah. 
So if I'm not replying your emails/collaboration requests - I'm sorry but I just need some time to stop writing for others. (Once Im done with prior commitments)
I want to write for MYSELF.
For my blog.
For my readers, my friends and people who drop by here.
I hope you'll understand.
Okies. Rant over. 
Thanks for listening :)
Back to Hongkong!
The trip was one bloody trip that we have been planning with our friends for ages! Its super fun coz everyone has some place to go, to try and to EAT EAT EAT! The whole trip I eat until I want to burst!
Woke up bright and (really) early for the first flight out of Changi Airport to Hongkongggg!
It was such an early flight ... until our friend Al nearly missed it! Hahahah! Thank God for our 5263 missed calls and msgs.
I've learnt the trick to have gorgeous hair before flying off .. Get it professionally blown in the salon the day before! 
Haha ooopssie. 
Caught on camera
In time for brunch when we touched down and to Maxim's in the Hongkong airport we go!
Roast goose rice here we come!
We had a funny bet to race to the hotel coz our good friends G & D wanted to take the train! 
Duh. Of coz by cab faster & not so troublesome la. (But more expensive) 
I saw this little girl soooo cute! 
We checked in our service apartment in Kowloon soon after 
And headed straight out ...
The weather was soooo nice! 
It was about 20+ degrees and lovely to walk around on the streets.
My hubby and our friends are pretty into cameras so we went to look at some pretty vintage models 
Interesting ..
Then .. food time again!
This shop serves one of the nicest cheese pork chop noodles!
Warm oozy cheese in instant noodlesss!
Continuing our walk!
This Rabbit so cute!
Rabbit on Vespa
We took a train and headed to Mongkok
Huge crowd in Mongkok!
Walked to Ladies Market!
Along the way
Hongkong is extremely vibrant and I love their bustling streets
Saw this "FREE HUG" group! Soooo sweet!
And a martial arts expert from Shaolin!
I almost lost my appetite! He wrung an iron pole around his neck! Yuck!
Carrying on .......
Street shots
Ladies market
My favorite! 
'Chun MeiMei' curry fishballs ahhaha!
Yummy leh!
We were heading to ... 
yes la. Eat again ~ f my diet.
Wah lau what a FEAST!
Slightly too salty for my liking but great to wash down with beer!
The noodles were very good too.
It was a great dinner at London Restaurant that evening!
The weather turned slightly chilly due to the wind after we ended dinner
Hongkong has sooo many cosmetic and toiletries shops, that I can't resist going in!
We went to Yee Shun for milk pudding!
The first time I tried it was when I went to Macau with the family :)
Warm smooth silky goodness 
Perfect for the weather!
p.s u see my friend S can eat one bowl of macaroni. Straight after dinner. 
And they had pork chop buns too!
And my husband itchy backside go and order cheese pork chop! faint.
I was so stuffed I nearly burst my jeans
And thats only from Day 1 .. !  Haha! Back with Day 2 soon :)
Thanks for dropping by, guys. xo
Outfit of the Day
Top from Zara, Jeans from Guess. Neverfull LV and Gucci Ballerina flats
Bye! xoxoxo

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