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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello guys!
This is the final and last post on my wonderful Hongkong trip! I've really enjoyed looking back at the pictures and reliving the memories ~ and I hope you enjoyed the pictures too! Most of them are taken by my hubby who loves doing it as a hobby so that's why you find a difference (in quality!) in some of my photos here in the blog. Kekeke. But regardless of who the photographer is .. *ahem* .. I assure you that a lot of thought and love goes into each and every photo posted here. These are lovely memories to keep so that in future, - one day I would look back and say,"Damn that was fun." :)
Picking up from where I left off previously! 
It was raining cats and dogs so we skipped going out in the afternoon and headed to the bar opposite our service apartment for ... 
Very happy.
We had dinner reservations at Kimberly Restaurant
A place highly recommended by our friends D & GT.
And it was truly the BEST! 
More on why soon .......
We sat down as normal .. but actually we bought a secret birthday cake for our friend Al!
We ordered our dishes and ate normally ... lol 
Talked, laughed and took pictures while the birthday boy was totally oblivious to our cake surprise 
Star of the night 
(Besides the birthday boy!)
Kimberly Restaurant serves one of the best and most unique suckling pig that we ever had!
Each suckling pig was stuffed with glutinous rice, then roasted to perfection.
The server deftly cutting up portions of the piglet  
We really CANT WAIT to taste it!
Showing the LOVE
And after dinner .........
Al ...  SURPRISE ...... !
Happy birthday to u! 
The whole group at last!
(Coz we all flew to Hongkong and back to Singapore separately) 
Happy hour beckons
Off to the OZONE at the Ritz!
Champagne, anyone?
Countdown to midnight ...
Blow the candle, Al!
Couple shots 
Stone & Jx
GT & D
The view was fabulous!
Took a cab to .......
Sweet Dynasty!
We need our tau huay fix 
Hot steaming tau huay!
Too yums!
We had a lovely NIGHT!
-- The Next Day -- 
It was bright and early in the morning when we met up with our friends the Stones and GT for breakfast in the back alley.
Yes you heard me right. 
Back alley.
Tucked right at the end of a small dark alley was this small shop selling breakfast items like toasted bread, macaroni and dan dan noodles!
We were heading to Hongkong island to meet up with my good friend and ex-secondary schoolmate so we wanted to take the ferry across to the other part of the island.
The weather was FABULOUS that day! 
It was sunny and bright, and not of the dark gloomy clouds from the day before.
Saw a horse carriage! 
Where's my Prince Charming!
(Oooh the one taking this peekture la.. hehehe)
Lets cross over to the terminal!
Looking at the other side 
Ferries are a great way to cross the sea if you have the luxury of time
Lets go GT!
The ride takes about 15 mins tops, and you get to enjoy a great view!
Soon we started to move off!
The ride is slow but smooth 
And in no time we reached Hongkong island
I always enjoy my trips on Star Ferry! 
Its a great nostalgic way to experience Hongkong.
All things Hongkong 
We headed to Stanley Road to meet my classmate Mandy
She suggested we have dim sum at Luk Yu Tea house, a nice quaint olden day type of dim sum restaurant that is fast disappearing in Hongkong.
I love it the moment I stepped in!
It was buzzing with activity and we soon took our seats and ordered the food
Here's Man & me!
We also each get a hot steaming towel before our food arrived!
Jx u dun order any more food ah! :p
Some of the dishes was hit and miss, but the service was fast 
(although abit abrupt but what do you expect hahaha) 
We hatched a devilish plan to go shopping after dim sum! 
Great meal and company, guys!
So while the rest of the group went about their ways - 3 naughty girls went SHOPPING!
Oh, my hubby had to follow coz he was designated photographer 
While walking on the street, we came across this luxury ORANGE car that had the cool number plate -AK! Omggggg is it Aaron Kwok car anot!!!!!!!!! We had to grab a photo with the car.
We went to The Landmark to check out the shops there
Roger Viver 
Regretfully (or thankfully?) they didnt have my size .. so oh well. 
We continued our walk although Jx had a plane to catch later in the day! LOL
Hehehe for Hermes.
It was the actual 10th year anniversary of Leslie Cheung's death at the MO, so there was a huge faithful crowd of flowers, fans and onlookers.
The flowers and notes lined the street. I saw people sitting on the side of the road crying silently and I cannot imagine the scene that happened 10 years ago. Was it that long already? Feels like yesterday. :(
Stopped for a quick coffee break while Jx went back to meet her hubby and they got ready to head back to Singapore! Luckily Jx neber buy anything if not later Stone scold me how! Haha!
We ordered some salad and coffee.
And then Man & I carried on our walk around Central!
Street sights and shoots
Im quite fascinated with the electric trams in Hongkong
Hong Kong Legislative Counsel Building 
The Legislative Council Building of Hong Kong, also called the Former Supreme Court Building was the home of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong from 1985 to 2011, and before that it housed the former Supreme Court. -- source Wiki
Thank you my dear friend for bringing around the city!
Soon it was getting dark 
My hubby and I bid farewell to my friend while we headed to meet up with the rest of the group for Al's actual birthday dinner.
The dinner was in Soho and we arrived there just in time for a quick shot around!
It was beginning to turn a little chilly as the sun went down
Old green post boxes! So cute.
Birthday boy!
We went to a small Szechuan private kitchen that sits about 25 people and the menu changes everyday!
There is only 1 menu everyday and its pretty exclusive coz almost all the patrons here are either regulars or from word by mouth. 
I like the food! But really spicy at times lol!
Happy birthday Al!
Hope u like your Longevity Bun birthday cake lol
Lovely meal and company, once again!
We took a slow walk to Lan Kwai Fong after dinner 
And Hard Rock cafe was quite crowded!
Trying on the Hardrock caps for fun but I bought GT the Dragon one for his birthday since he's born in the year of the Dragon! 
Group shot at Lan Kwai Fong, yo!
Al .. your bar ah?
We ended the night with drinks!
-- Last Day in Hongkong -- 
We have friends in Shenzhen so we booked a car that drove us up
Shenzhen customs
Crossing the causeway 
Machiam going JB sial !
And here we are!
It was a rather wet day so I dressed light (and in slippers ahha!)
Shenzhen shoots
Eh why u no wear helmet hahahha
Went for lunch with our friends followed by a nice cafe for coffee!
Shan and I :D
Left for the airport straight after Shenzhen to fly back home
It was a wet day in Hongkong!
Check-in home bound!
Had a quick drink before we boarded the plane 
Getting ready to BOARD ~
Hey that's a familiar sight ......
This is home, truly! 
And back home we went :)
We had such a FUN trip and I made some new friends, met up with the old - and had a marvelous time  with all. This has to be a trip where I shopped the least but ate the most! Hahaha! It was meals after meals and a lot of laughter in between. But a very fun trip nevertheless and hopefully more to come!
Thanks for dropping by! 
Back soon.
Outfit of the day 
Denim Jacket from Burberry Blue Label, Aztec Top Forever21, Cashmere Scarf Hermes. Black pants Mango, Raybans and Jaune D'or Herbag from Hermes. Gucci Ballerina flats.

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