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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hello everyone!
If you have been following me in Twitter @Sugar7733 or Instagram @Sugar73 - you might have caught a glimpse of the new Volvo V40 which I drove for a weekend!
Im jumping ahead of schedule (and alot of blog backlog!) to post this becoz I really cant wait to share the video that my hubby did for me!
I hope you enjoy it! Sit tight~!

When Volvo presented the opportunity for me to take the new V40 home for the weekend, I couldnt resist! Currently Im driving a rather small car so I have always wanted to know whats its like to drive a bigger car!
So last Saturday, the hubby & I headed to the Volvo Showroom to get to know more about the new Cross-country V40. And upon walking in, the affable Yiling from Volvo kindly brought me around to take a look! This is the original vintage Volvo and it is in an immaculate condition! Look how shiny it is. 
This is the ever popular XC series 
The Volvo showroom feels very inviting, with its big airy space and cafe for customers to take a seat in comfort.
I also realize that Volvo's big on family safety - with its many displays of safety information that I never knew it myself as a driver!
Yiling explaining to me in detail 
Look up!
"Say whaaaat!"
What happens if you fall forward from a height of one meter?
Try falling from this stack of chairs! 
** Did you know that crashing without a seat belt is like jumping off the 3rd floor of a building???
After a nice cup of coffee and signing the insurance papers ....
Got my keys!
A first look inside
The technology is amazing!
The V40 features an interactive dashboard with three driving set-ups - elegance, eco and performance - to suit your driving mood. LEDs placed across the interior gently light your cabin at night and add a real sense of occasion to your journey. You can also adjust the LEDs’ brightness as well as choose from seven different theatre light modes to create your desired ambiance. 
Hahaha! See my silly reaction. 
The Volvo V40 boasts clean, elegant lines and a range of strong, fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines. From the powerful T5 petrol version delivering 254hp to the ultra-efficient D2 diesel, which emits just 94g CO2/km, there’s an engine designed for your needs, no matter what type of driver you are. 
Thanks Yiling and now I cant wait to test it out myself!
I like the dual colors of the interior!
The hubby and I headed for a quick coffee break 
The weather was lovely!
Light snacks
Shall we continue our joyride!
Lets go lets go!
The Volvo V40 R-Design meets the needs of the most demanding driver. Its combination of exclusive exterior and interior styling, optional sports chassis and responsive engines create a sporty yet refined 5-door performance hatchback.
We headed to changi!
The car looks AMAZING!
Overall Review :
It felt surprisingly compact even though it was spacious for the driver and passengers alike. I had absolutely no problems parking this and the sensor system helped me a great deal when I did several reversed parking. Unfortunately I didnt have the opportunity to try out the Assisted Parallel parking technology but I think it would be pretty helpful to most *ahem*, lady drivers like me! I also like the spacious boot and if you needed more space, you could easily fold the back seats down. The height of the car is perfect for child seats, - you dun have to bend like crazy to strap a kid in! Lastly, another unique feature that I want to highlight is the panoramic glass roof which makes my night driving totally romantic coz I could see the stars above! Overall, I feel that this car is best suited for a trendy young small family who is looking to combine comfort, safety and elegance for their daily practical needs. 
I cant help it .......
But yes!
Yoga pose on car. 
Thank you for dropping by guys!
For more info on the Volvo V40 Cross Country, please head to :
Take care!
Back soon! xoxo
The Volvo Showroom is located at 
249 Alexandra Rd
Tel : 6473 1488

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  1. Wahh! the video done by your hubby is very nice and professional! And you posing on the car with yoga pose. So cute! Haha

  2. Thks dear! Heehee the yoga pose was fun! :p


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