BBQ at Joe's Place

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Last Saturday we had a fun day at our friend's Joe & MS place for a group BBQ!
The guys setting up and helping out with the BBQ operations lol
Here's little Ed! 
He damn cute la, kept running around the garden until his father no time drink beer.
There was so much yummy food!
Cheese on portobello mushrooms
Our very hardworking Satay man LL! 
Delicious, la!
Augus beef from Gil!
Scallops & Chicken wingsssss
Super Blk 85 market standard! 
And Joe's mummy makes the best DESSERTS!
Fruit agar agar! So colorful deeee
Wah we really ate ate ate!
and drank soooo much omg
It was a fun outing with the peeps!
Here's Ed giving u a FLYING KISSSSSS xoxoxoxo
and thanks for looking guys! 
Am working on another post and counting down to BANGKOK with Bff next week! I reckon I got nothing to buy after looking at my ever-bursting closet, and I better dun eat so much there, but ............
I know not to say too soon.
Back with another post soon!

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