BFF Bangkok Trip Day 2

Monday, July 29, 2013

[Holiday snaps] Hi everyone! 
Welcome to the lovely week ahead! Have been skipping my yoga practise after almost a week of being away on holiday and then was busy during the weekend catching up on scheduled posts (More later in the week!) Here's a shorter post of our BFF Trip to Bangkok on Day 2! Hang on for the ride! (And not so many picturessss as compared to Day 1!) 
Morning Breakfast 
Two supermodel without makeup going for breakfast!
Gooood morning! 
We love going for breakfast in the hotel!
And Im someone who needs her coffee in the morning!
Happy is me
The Novotel Platinium buffet breakfast area is nice, airy and spacious!
Food glorious food!
There is a selection of international and asian choices, including salad and cheese selection in the buffet spread.
Ok BFF finally happy after seeing food
The muffin sho cute! Small small de. BFF mouth quite big size, think one mouth can finish.
My breakkie choice!
I love having porridge for breakfast too! Do u?
This is BFF's "Can I eat now" face.
Eat laaaa ~ Eat la!
Went back to the room to get prepared to go out shoppingggg yay! 
Curled my hair and praying that the Bangkok weather will not make it FRIZZY!
 Can you see my blue streaks? Its my new hair color from Essensuals Bugis! Will post on it soon yeah~! xx
We walked to the BTS coz we were heading to Union Mall 
I love the Thai public transport system. Everything is with clear instructions, so convenient somemore ..  and we can easily beat the jam with BTS and MRT. No need take cab one!
Lets go go go!
Union Mall is at Phanon Yothin MRT station, so we took the BTS from Chit Lom and changed at the interchange to take the MRT.
Air con very cold .. shiok!
Now we are at the MRT station heading towards Phanon Yothin.
These are the tokens dispensed! Black little coins!
MRT very quiet ........
In no time .. we are here!
Take Exit 5
And you arrive at Union Mall's exit!
Union Mall is a shopping mall located in the north of Bangkok, at the Lat Phrao junction. It has 8 floors with 1240 booths, shops and entertainment services.
54 Lat Phrao Rd
 Chom Phon, Chatuchak
Bangkok, 10900
Walking in .......
We reached level 2 through a covered link and its was like ....... 
Looks PROMISING leh!
Wallet get ready!
Lai lai lai ~ Start liao
After walking and walking .......
Actually hor ......
The things there quite EXPENSIVE and old-fashioned
Even the restaurants look sad.
So we just decide to go eat!
I #forever hungry in Bangkok. 
(True story)
We walked Union Mall for at least 3 hours in total and went back with empty bags and almost zero shopping .. save for a top that I bought and BFF's pair of bermudas for her hubby.
Our faces were 
Sian lor! All the way there buy bo ming kia.
Whats his name again..?
You see this hua chi
Kiss the poster until liddat
In the end we decided to cut short our losses (lost of time) and head back 
BTS once again!
Random picture on the walk back
Random picture number 2 along with pose
Back in our favorite PLATINIUM!
We ish smile and shop until mouth cannot close
And share drink bubble tea! 
Part 2 of Act-sexy pose. 
Sorry I have to keep putting you through this .......
Can learn from me and pose normal anot???? 
Act cute is my most natural state
Then we walk and walk until
Yes! Tom yum again!
I order TWO main course
Then right after makan I saw these ....
Right after I tabao mango sticky rice..  I saw ........
In the end two very full girls decided to head back ... 
But our food journey did not end there....
We went back and order room service coz legs damn sour so dun wan go out already
Then Lover came over (she touched down that day!) and we ATE MANGO STICKY RICE together in my pajamas ~ tee hee hee.
Thanks once again for dropping by everyone! 
Off to have dinner soon and hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the trip!
Outfit of the Day : 
Some white dress/top that I bought in Bugis Village for S$20 then I thought very cheap already, sekali I saw in Platinum for S$8. Thanks arh ..  thanks everybody thanks!
Back soon! 
Leaving u act chio pic but fyi #imnotsiambu.

Leaving you with my favorite Thai song! Emoooo dao. Must watch the MTV til the end k! Very nice de. Promise. :) 
I got you the one in English subtitles! xo

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  1. nice ending! anyway your bkk post is nice and interesting! *Bkk lover*

  2. Love your sense of humour & the cute cartoons. Informative too!


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